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  1. Welch deal

    Dangerousdan committed to purchasing parts from a sale I had and suddenly changed his mind?? I believe you get banned on most boards for this??
  2. WTS Remington 11-87 Police 12 guage

    It seems we have a WELCHER..........Dangerousdan just backed out of deal after committing? Is this acceptable?
  3. NIB never fired, Sig Tactical 45 cal. Comes with one extended mag and 2 stock mags with original case. $850.00 shipped to your FFL.
  4. Slightly used, never shot by me, has new Semi black Cerekote comes with supreme wood stocks and in original box. $550.00 OBO shipped to your FFL.
  5. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    This is SPF...................if it falls through I ll get back to the messages
  6. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    Trades considered ACOG in .308 Pictured updated to include everything that will come with it. Original box, mag, alienarmor front, original front handguard, original IWI Ace Buttstock, original new style buttstock..... Acog or $1450.00
  7. WTS Sig 556 Swat Pistol

    Make me an offer LOL.......
  8. WTS Sig 556 Swat Pistol

    Reduced to $1350.00
  9. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    Final reduction $1500.00
  10. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    So I have secured the Original Stock for this firearm. I can attach it or ship it like it is including both stocks.
  11. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    Rob, Most stocks do allow for firing while folded. These stocks fold on the opposite side of the charging system and do allow it. I will be finding out about the original stock this week, if I do get that back, this rifle will no longer be $200.00 below retail. I only did that just in case at some point someone wanted to purchase the original stock one day from IWI and that cost difference would in fact help them. It will still be discounted but certainly not $200.00 for a unfired rifle if that makes sense. The only difference say buying from say Atlantic is I guess maybe a box.....which I still may have the original that is.
  12. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    Rob, this is an unfired rifle. There were no mods done to put on an original Galil Stock. It simple attaches like the new/updated version that IWI uses. These IWI Galil Aces are simply Micro Galil receivers that they added a modified plastic lower to. So to answer your question I purchased it new, never fired it, purchased a brand new Galil Stock from Botach, and attached it, the mechanism is all the same if that makes sense. I will get some pics together.
  13. WTS IWI Ace Galil Rifle $1575.00 NEW

    I am about to get that original stock back, should know something early part of the week. Let me know which parts you would like to have pics of, can take any. Im not sure if I have the paper that came with it, but I will check. Send me your email, jhartmac@gmail.com
  14. I am original owner 300 rounds fired, comes with one mag of your choice manufacture, and an original sig buttstock (must be shipped separately) firearm must go to FFL. Pistol buffer tube and shockwave stabilizer. Priced to sell, $1450.00 with original Sig red dot and extra original Sig buttstock if you plan to SBR this pistol.