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  1. WTS Vector Uzi 9MM $12k

    would this be about right for price if it is for real or are average prices higher today
  2. Thompson, M1, C&R, Bridgeport

    so would it be a WWII refinish in your mind or a modern refinish and how could i tell the difference. i see that a lot of the markings are almost removed due to the refinishing processes
  3. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    what are you seeing for asking prices? machinegunpriceguide says six thousand two hundred but i am not finding any for that low maybe around seven thousand?
  4. WTB FN FNC w/ 3 round burst

    cant you just change the stock or not?
  5. WTB: Mac M11

    maybe 7 thousand isnt to bad then:)
  6. Thompson, M1, C&R, Bridgeport

    yesterday there were i dont know how many ads he had in a row and now he doesnt answer? what do you think i think it doesnt look right that is a simple question if it is original or redone
  7. WTB: Mac M11

    the wife wont let me spend that much maybe 7000
  8. WTB: Mac M11

    i want to buy one too and can't find anything except overpriced ones. machine gun price guide says 6200
  9. SPF Sterling MK2 $9500 PICS added info updated

    can you put up some pictures please
  10. Thompson, M1, C&R, Bridgeport

    is this refinished or original
  11. WTB: NIB transferable Colt M16A2 Rifle or Carbine

    how much is the going rate