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  1. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    An "I will take it" becomes null and void if the poster can't produce a form or any proof that the item actually exists, and it's also pretty much void if the item being sold isn't what it is advertised to be. And of course its under value, that's why I was buying it. And Fleming and qualified Sears are drop in, not quite as easily as a Dias in an ar, but a lot more then a RR is.
  2. WTS: Billistics Krinkov $25,300

    Can you send some pictures to rolandcline@gmail.com thanks
  3. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    It was a scam, this is not a scam, but it's a registered reciever gun and I'm looking for a drop in. I'm head hunting for a client and they want a drop in, otherwise I would have bought this it's a pretty good deal from a non scammer IMO.
  4. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    I'll take it pm me edit: called and talked to seller and it's not what I'm looking for. It's a registered reciever not a drop in auto sear.
  5. No Law Letter post sample Galil

    Are you firm on the $2000? Or open to offers?
  6. Would you consider selling the max31 upper seperately? And how much would that be?
  7. Are these still available? you can email me at rolandcline@gmail.com