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  1. WTS: HK 53 post sample

    letter required
  2. WTS: HK 53 post sample

    WTS: HK 53 post sample. Comes with 2 magazines $3,500 shipped
  3. WTS: LaFrance Industries M16K.....This is the original PDW decades before they were cool. Has the twin gas tube system to slow the rate of fire down slower than an M4. Tim made these for the CIA and foreign governments to provide convoy protection back in the 1980's. Comes with suppressor. $5,000 shipped
  4. WTS: LaFrance Industries M16K/45 SMG post sample with suppressor. Comes with the 4 prong flash hider and several magazines. In the same configuration as it was when I purchased it from Tim many years ago. $4,750 shipped
  5. WTS: Pre May MG34

    WTS: Very nice pre may MG34. Fired very little and not beat up like most pre may keeper 34's. Receiver serial number is 7357G the rest is all matching 8440 1943 DOT. $15K shipped
  6. WTS: HK Navy 4 pos trigger pack registered post sample. Has been clipped for the shelf and set up with a 5.56/308 hammer spring. Does not have an ejector or housing. Can be used on any of the semi shelved HK host guns. $750 shipped. Will require a demo letter.
  7. WTS: RPD post sample machine gun. Gun was converted from a DSA semi auto. Gun comes with 5-8 belt drums and belts. The gun chugs like an old freight train. $2,950 plus shipping. Will require a demo letter
  8. WTS: KRISS VECTOR .45 factory SMG post sample machine gun. Condition is good. Comes with several magazines, factory light kit, rails, sling pins and factory suppressor. Here is the difference between this gun and the rest........this one runs. It has done demo work from the local PD's up to DOD LEO personnel. The key is to keep it clean. $2,250 shipped. Demo letter required.
  9. MG34 Lafette tripod

    PM sent.....Im selling all my German MG stuff
  10. WTS: HK G36C post sample

    To answer some questions....This is %100 Factory original HK G36C, Not an aftermarket assembled gun... Yes, I can send additional pictures to serious buyers..
  11. WTS: HK G36C post sample

    WTS: HK G36C post sample. Comes with several magazines. Its in real good condition. Yall know the legality drills. Ill need a demo letter that is kosher with the ATF. $5,000 shipped Please PM
  12. WTS: HK UMP 45 post sample

    WTS: HK UMP 45 post sample machine gun. Comes with the AAC UMP45 suppressor and 3-4 magazines. Will not separate Yall know the legality drills.....I will need a LEO letter that the ATF will accept. They are getting particular on those. $3,750 shipped Please PM
  13. WTS: 1910 Russian Maxim 7.62 x 54 post sample machine gun. All Russian parts built on a Guiette side plate. It comes with a spare bolt, spare barrel, cart, tool kit, Finnish loader, belts, cans, misc spare parts. ect ect.....I have only taken this out a couple times and I couldn't get it to run right. Im not a Maxim mechanic for sure. Dont know if its a Fuzie spring adjustment, bolt, feed mech ect. Past owner sent me a video of it running like a sewing machine so I know it will. Was going to send to Bob Naess for a tune up but never got around to it. On a Form 3 in Texas, demo letter required $3,950 plus shipping....
  14. FN P90 post sample

    Yes, this is a factory P90 TR...not a conversion gun. Came from a PD
  15. FN P90 post sample

    Post sample select fire P90. Comes with 5 mags and 3 boxes of 5.7. Requires Demo letter $2,500 shipped Please PM