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  1. WTS: 1910 Russian Maxim 7.62 x 54 post sample machine gun. All Russian parts built on a Guiette side plate. It comes with a spare bolt, spare barrel, cart, tool kit, Finnish loader, belts, cans, misc spare parts. ect ect.....I have only taken this out a couple times and I couldn't get it to run right. Im not a Maxim mechanic for sure. Dont know if its a Fuzie spring adjustment, bolt, feed mech ect. Past owner sent me a video of it running like a sewing machine so I know it will. Was going to send to Bob Naess for a tune up but never got around to it. On a Form 3 in Texas, demo letter required $3,950 plus shipping....
  2. FN P90 post sample

    Yes, this is a factory P90 TR...not a conversion gun. Came from a PD
  3. FN P90 post sample

    Post sample select fire P90. Comes with 5 mags and 3 boxes of 5.7. Requires Demo letter $2,500 shipped Please PM
  4. WTS: Transferable HKG3K RR machine gun

    Price reduced
  5. WTS: Transferable HK G3K RR machine gun. Original HK 91 RR by Barr Armsmaker reconfigured to G3K length, Refinish, G3K markings on mag well, paddle mag release, grenade ring, HK collapsible stock, HK21 charging handle, Navy SEF with ambi selector, B&T fore end and top rail. Work is outstanding. On a form 4 in Texas with FFL. I also have several NIW HK G3 mags that go with it.....This thing is a beast.... $19,500 please PM
  6. MarColmar UK vz 59 post sample machine gun. Low round count. Like new 7.62x54R, comes with belt loader, spare small parts kit, several belts and boxes. Email me for picture ***SPF****