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  1. WTB HK auto sear

    I have a Fleming sear in a 4 pos pack on a Form 4 here in Kentucky if you’re interested ($32k) and still looking -Patchez
  2. Tek 10/22 Registered Receiver

    I have an RR AMT Lightning converted by John Norrell. If you’re not familiar with them, think stainless steel Ruger 10/22. It’s on a Form 4 here in Kentucky. $18k if you’re interested -Patchez
  3. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Like new HK53 for $8900 if you’re interested -HKBJJ

    I have what you’re looking for on a Form 3 here in Bowling Green Ky. Though I wasn’t looking to sell it, I just got on and saw your WTB. What do you consider “current market price”? -Patchez
  5. WTS: SWD M-11 9mm package, 98%, $7500

    Surprised it lasted that long
  6. Ruger MKII machine pistol

    Is it select fire or FA only?
  7. WTB: Pre May Sample

    I have an HK 53 pre86 DS in like new condition (unfired since return from RDTS 3 years ago) for $9k...Just lemme know if of luck finding everything you’re looking for -HKBJJ
  8. You should add your asking price to the ad.
  9. WTS: New 7.62X39 Krinkov by In Range

    Beautiful! If you change your mind about trade and would be interested in an HK Fleming sear, let me know -Patchez
  10. WTB full size transferable RR Uzi

    I have a 9mm Group Industies as well, like new (less than 200 rnds through it)’s sitting with my dealer here in Ky, ready to transfer out to Florida for $ pay actual shipping and insurance for your carrier of choice, and I too, am willing to do 50/50 payment
  11. Out of curiosity, what future NFA item are you looking at? -Patchez
  12. Machine guns for sale

    Is the Norrell pack button or lever selector?
  13. Reising M50, in case, Transferable F4

    If you'd be willing to split your package and sell the accessories (case, mags, manual) I'd be interested in buying them. -Patchez
  14. WTB Transferable Full Sized UZI

    I have a like new (less than 200 rounds fired) Group Ind for sale in Kentucky for 13k
  15. SOLD HK94/MP5 SBR

    Any interest in trade on the mp5 with paddle mag and three lug?