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  1. Solid advice from the guys above...should you make a decision I’d be interested in the 10mm and corresponding can -Patchez

    I have an all steel RDIAS on a Form 3 in’s currently listed on gunbroker, but it doesn’t as of yet have any bids, so it could be canceled if we reached terms prior to a bid being placed...and for anyone feeling they need to comment on my inflated asking price/buy now price, I’m aware, but it was my wife’s idea, and honestly it’s not a bad idea, because if it sells great, and if not no skin off my back -Patchez
  3. WTB full size transferable RR Uzi

    Yes, still available
  4. WTS: Used Daniel Defense SBR's 300 Blk Out

    A few questions: -what Barrel length is on the form? -does the lower have a shelf appropriate for accepting a RDIAS? -what Barrel length is pictured? -is the upper piston driven or old gas tube/carrier key? Thanks for your time and assistance -Patchez
  5. WTB HK auto sear

    I have a Fleming sear in a 4 pos pack on a Form 4 here in Kentucky if you’re interested ($32k) and still looking -Patchez
  6. Tek 10/22 Registered Receiver

    I have an RR AMT Lightning converted by John Norrell. If you’re not familiar with them, think stainless steel Ruger 10/22. It’s on a Form 4 here in Kentucky. $18k if you’re interested -Patchez
  7. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Like new HK53 for $8900 if you’re interested -HKBJJ

    I have what you’re looking for on a Form 3 here in Bowling Green Ky. Though I wasn’t looking to sell it, I just got on and saw your WTB. What do you consider “current market price”? -Patchez
  9. WTS: SWD M-11 9mm package, 98%, $7500

    Surprised it lasted that long
  10. Ruger MKII machine pistol

    Is it select fire or FA only?
  11. WTB: Pre May Sample

    I have an HK 53 pre86 DS in like new condition (unfired since return from RDTS 3 years ago) for $9k...Just lemme know if of luck finding everything you’re looking for -HKBJJ
  12. You should add your asking price to the ad.
  13. WTS: New 7.62X39 Krinkov by In Range

    Beautiful! If you change your mind about trade and would be interested in an HK Fleming sear, let me know -Patchez
  14. WTB full size transferable RR Uzi

    I have a 9mm Group Industies as well, like new (less than 200 rnds through it)’s sitting with my dealer here in Ky, ready to transfer out to Florida for $ pay actual shipping and insurance for your carrier of choice, and I too, am willing to do 50/50 payment
  15. Machine guns for sale

    Is the Norrell pack button or lever selector?