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  1. This is a romanian psl in 7.62 x 54, gun comes with original scope, scope cover, sling, 7 mags, original pouch. Price is 3500.00.
  2. WTB Russian pkm semiauto

    Looking for a russian pkm in semiauto, a complete package is preferred, let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. WTS true Russian ak74 5.45x39

    James river
  4. This is an accuracy international ae mk1 7.62x51, gun is in excellent condition with the original mag, sling, 1 piece 20moa accuracy international mount that is impossible to find in the U.S, correct bipod and new never used illuminated nightforce nxs 5.5-22x56. Price is 8k
  5. This is a true marked HK sr9tc 1 of 125 made in 93 gun is in excellent condition, has the original claw mount, and a kahles zf84 optic. Price is 10k please contact for any more info or pics. Thanks
  6. This is a 1988 Russian ak74 5.45x39 all matching numbers, gun is in near new condition, these guns were only available for 2 years and are no longer on the market price is 5500.00 Please contact for any other pics or info. Thanks
  7. WTB semi auto pkm

    Looking for a reasonably priced semi auto pkm, if anyone has one or has any leads on one please PM me. Thanks
  8. Looking to find any builder out there that is doing semi auto sturmgewehr mp44 build. Thanks
  9. Looking for an iraqi marked zrak scope on-m99 7.62x 39 anyone has one or have any leads on one please let me know, thanks.