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  1. WTB: Boys Anti Tank .50 or .55

    I have loaded.55 in ammo cans for sale.
  2. WTS: FNC Parts

    is the recoil plate metal or plastic? Thanks Marty
  3. POLYTECH MAGS and Bayonet

    comment deleted.
  4. WTB M60

    What are you looking to spend on an M60? I'm sure if the price was right, you may find someone with one.
  5. Sten Mk II Parts Kit

    I stumbled across a place and noticed they had the loop stocks you want for you kit. Just FYI- maybe it will help. Keystone- Sten Stock
  6. Buddy- $43,125 includes Buyers premium. I know the guy that bought it, the sale went through. I notice you caught someone fought him all the way up there! So someone else wants one REALLY BAD.
  7. Did you sell the AR70? I PM'ed you yesterday at 1800 and got no response. Thanks Marty
  8. WTB AR-180 rear sight drum

    Hi- looking for a rear sight drum for an AR-180. AR-180 sight drum- Gun parts Corp
  9. NFA Dealer Screw up Question Steyr AUG

    Did you ever find the parts you were looking for?
  10. So you have the receiver and just need the mount? or the whole receiver? I have some Hensoldt Stuff. What is the right scope for this? Do you have a model and pic? The Steyr brochure from the early 80's mentioned the Swarovski ZF 69-6 for the special receiver rifles. Marty mbh1054@nc.rr.com
  11. WTS: M60e4 OpRods NEW - $350 - Pics

    Done- sent email to work out payment.
  12. WTS: M60e4 OpRods NEW - $350 - Pics

    If you still have them, I'll take both.
  13. Do you have the rest of the components from the rifles? I would be interested in this can you please send me some nice pics to gauge condition?