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  1. Thanks for the smooth transaction. Let me know if you want more!
  2. Message for details.
  3. It would be around $21.
  4. Standard recoil spring or keystone spring?
  5. Looking for Polish AKM AK 47 parts kits in un-issued condition, preferably with original barrels. Folders or fixed stock.
  6. I would like to find a nice original Egyptian assembled Maadi AK, not a Steyr because the premium is too much. Ideally one in as delivered state with the original furniture, manual, and inspection certificate. Will consider nice de-banned examples if they do not have modern tactical furniture.
  7. I have 2 NOS SA Garand bolts, postwar. 1 is in the wrap assembled, and one is "exploded". All the parts are NOS USGI. $85 each shipped.
  8. I have 2 300 rd bricks of AMA / DENEX M855 / SS109 ammo. It is marked M855 but has no green tip. On plastic strippers sealed in plastic strips. Current price if you can find it is 40 cents a round. I have shot some and it is as good or better than other ammo I have tried. I can not use it at my range due to the steel core. I need to rotate it out. $105 per brick plus actual UPS cost. Can not included. All sold, I have some more but it is too dear to replace. I might be tempted and $125 per brick but no less.
  9. New Adams Arms AR15 pistol length piston / drive rod. I got this in a carbine kit, but by the time I went to assemble, it had been too long to return or exchange it. You may want a spare, or with it you can use another length kit to build a pistol. $50 shipped.
  10. I see a couple of familiar names, and hope to see a few more. A person I would love to get back in touch with is Col. Booth. He was a good guy, lots of good deals. Anyone know where Lance Booth is these days?