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  1. Need a Russian AGS17 top cover. Email me at Interested in any other parts you might have as well Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies. Can't say I'm not happy to be alone on this. A wise man said that there need not be direct orders from the top to frustrate lawful activity if it's not acceptable to one political party, it comes naturally to like minded political appointees. The IRS comes to mind. To think we have argue against a political party on a daily basis dedicated to making government bigger, more bureaucratic and corrupt is absolutely insane. To know they are guaranteed half the votes every four years is even more insane. If the ATF is indeed under pressure because of an unusual amount of transfer requests. Does it make any sense that examiners would create MORE work for themselves by denying transfers for frivolous reasons? How many people just let it go and don't resubmit and start the process over. None is my guess. The whole thing stinks of corruption or a mind blowing amount of incompetence that must be permeating every government agency if you are to believe that. Probably both in a system where no one is held accountable.
  3. I sold a C&R DD and it's taking forever to complete the transfer. We are on two denials for what seems like made up reasons for the denial. Expired C&R FFL the first time that was not true and claims of it not being a C&R the second time, also not true. It's in for a third time! is this unusual? the buyer believes this is Obama administration BS. The buyer has done several transfers and he is having these kind of problems or similar with all of them.
  4. NO Photos for Seaman

    I would add that it's backwards that a modern website does not allow direct jpg image uploads from personal computers. What is this ridiculous need for image hosting services in 2016? I can understand if you have many photos but for a few, nonsense!
  5. I see the photo I put up in my WTB won't stay up because of my Seaman status. I think it is a mistake to not allow photos from people who rarely post ads and can't justify paid subscriptions. If I know anything about collectors, they want to SEE photos. I think you would get more business and traffic to the site if photos were allowed in the ads at no charge to collectors who rarely post ads. As a member an account holder at Gun Broker, I'm not seeing a obvious niche being filled by the new Sturm. This is one of those times when it is good to give something away and reasonably expect a greater return.
  6. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    I know all about website cliques too, no thanks. Good day Sir
  7. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    You are making stuff up and I'm not upset. You like bullying I get it, lots of people do this from the comfort of their computer. You apparently think bulling rights are part of your subscription. There is some kind of weird sadomasochism thing going on here and you can have it. A word of advice, if you can't answer the question then don't and you will save yourself a lot of "irritation". Good day Sir
  8. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    You seem a tad over the top defensive. You write just like Buddy by the way, condescending and rude. I think we have had enough of that.
  9. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    It does not say if he has "moderation" abilities. Is he just one of the guys now? Lots of people stay away because of him and I am just wondering if things have really changed here.
  10. Still looking to buy. Trades, cash and can import. http://[/I
  11. SO Where's bUDDY.?

    So Buddy is no longer a "moderator" here?