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  1. Removed from sale, Not Sold

    I am interested. Please check your e-mail
  2. WTB : M79 40MM grenade launcher

    I am interested, Please send me pictures and details to
  3. WTB : M79 40MM grenade launcher

    Looking for a M79 / 40MM grenade Launcher. please let me know if you know one for sale.
  4. Anyone have a Semi-Auto DSHK or DSHK Mount for sale? Please contact me with any info.
  5. I am interested in the M14. please give me a good number to reach you. or you can e-mail me your phone number.





    1. EAShelnutt


      Email sent!

    2. vikingok


      I am looking for foam cutout for my m249 and m240. Did you foam come with your rife or did you have it don elsewhere.

      Thank you for your time



  6. I will take 2! Please send me payment info to
  7. WTS 1917 Water-Cooled DLO/Remington $16,000

    If you still have this gun, I will Take it !! Please E-mail me your Payment info. I am a 07/02 In Texas.
  8. Delete

    Great Seller. Just got done with a Post build with one of the kits I got from COLTMAN16!
  9. ***SOLD***WTS: New/unfired SABRE for M11/9

    I will take it! send me payment info
  10. WTS PRE/POST Samples and parts kits $500-$11,000

    Sent you a E-mail
  11. WTS: Browning M37, Ramo sideplate $15.5K

    I am interested also. Please send me some pictures