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  1. Need an RCBS Ammo master 2 , Hollywood, or CH4D Rock Crusher press threaded for 1.5" dies. Have the Boyes Dies, need a press and priming tool. Let me know what you have.
  2. Have for sale a (test fired 1 mag) Fostech Origin 12 SBS with two 5, two 8, two 10 round mags, mag holder, extended cocking handle, stand off break. Its a beast. Also comes with a new unfired Salvo 12g suppressor with Origin adapter. Both are on form 3 and we do e-form. Has factory warranty. Package price $4595 plus shipping.
  3. WTS Ruger Mini-14 GB Stainless .223

    Hello Jon, the gun is available and the barrel is threaded, call me to discuss 201-447-2900 Greg
  4. Want to buy a VZ61 MG parts kit with barrel, let me know what you have
  5. Have an excellent condition Stainless steel Mini14 GB " Restricted Law Enforcement Government use only" made sometime after the 1994 assault weapon ban. Takes M16 bayonet and come with 5 Ruger 20 round mags. $1350 Have another stainless GB that was a former parade gun and not fired, has nice gloss tiger stripe wood stock and 4 Ruger 20 round mags $ 1350. Add shipping cost to your dealer, no CC fees.
  6. Have an excellent original condition Colt 1921/28 Navy over stamp for sale fully transferable on form 3. All Colt parts, mint bore. Gun history: Sold to Phoenix dealer in 1928 then to Phoenix AZ PD then to J Curtis Earl , then to a dealer then to us. Comes with a 20 round mag. Additional images available PM $40K Will eform to your dealer.
  7. Hi, I don't have access to NFA area to post, is there a fee of membership? Want to post a TSMG for sale. Greg Infante
  8. WTB: collection

    Have a Colt 1921/28 Navy overstamp Thompson, originally owned by the Phoenix AZ PD , 90+% and all original.
  9. Have a rare fully documented Chinese AK bring back for sale $85K, have original 4467 Form signed by an army colonel who acquired it in may 1967, according to the form. It was registered as an unserviceable war trophy in 12/1/68. It was deactivated by pulling the bolt back and brazing or soldering the bolt head to the ejector. The gun was sold to a Florida dealer who form 1 reactivated it by heating the braze, everything intact and functional. Gun runs excellent. 1 original mag that came with it. Has blood stained original sling with a story of how it was taken out of the jungle as told to me. Full chain of documents from the army colonel to us. ready to go on Eform.
  10. WTB: 10/22 Norrell Conversion w/ S&H Sear

    did you find one yet? I have one installed in a receiver with TBA integral full auto rated suppressor, if interested message me Greg PP Corp
  11. WTB Ruger AC556 parts kit

    Have one in stainless, $800 Greg PP CORP 201-447-29hundred
  12. WTB. Reising M50

    I have two original, like new, unmolested factory blued guns available with 3 original mags $8500 Greg PPCorp 201-447-29hunderd