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  1. WTB 2 HK UMP40s Have Lettet

    Still looking? Greg
  2. WTB Remington 870 wingmaster vintage

    have an earlier one lower that 100K sn plain BBL with poly choke sn 39xxxV
  3. WTB Type 96 LMG ORIGINAL parts/accessories

    have some original excellent condition parts if interested , contact me , have to dig them out
  4. WTB C&R AR15 / M16 rifle

    I have one available on form3 in PA 3 digit SN , $40K May be interested in a semi
  5. Have some parts pulled off of an excellent 96 let me know if int, the above email not working
  6. KAC suppressor for MK23

    Have a new bushmaster SBR, other silencers or excellent ultrasonic gun clean/lube systems for trade
  7. Hi, its available contact my by email info@guncleaners.com Greg
  8. WTS Steyr Solothurn MP34 C&R 9mm $14,500

    The stock serial # matches the gun so its original in that respect. Probably a transitional Austrian Army contract gun and rare.
  9. Have a 98% blue Reising M50 SMG with factory side mount sling and 1 original 20 round mag. Shows very little use with mint bore. $5995.00 shipped to your dealer.
  10. Not at this time, I will be listing other machine guns for sale shortly
  11. WTS Steyr Solothurn MP34 C&R 9mm $14,500

    Actually, the original form 1 registration shows the model as "Steyr Solothurn". They allowed it to be registered in 1966 as a "Steyr Solothurn" model and then they allowed the transfer to us in 2014 as a model "Steyr Solothurn" . When we re activated it and submitted the form 2 early this year, they took exception to the model and we went back an forth including me sending them images of the receiver marks and SN. It could also be an S-100 or an Austrian Army Steyr MP34 according to reference books if the gun was made in 1937. (there is a 37 stamped near the proof and serial #) After BATF review they said to re-submit as MP34. If they had data on MP30, they should have had me change to that model. There is not too much information on this particular gun including what serial numbers shipped where. I found this in Wikipedia: " The Austrian army adopted the Steyr-Solothurn S1-100 as the Steyr MP34, chambered for the powerful 9×25mm Mauser ammunition." Since the original barrel is marked 9M It may have been an Austrian army gun. So its possible that BATF is correct and not to be confused with later MP34's. Who really knows. One this for sure it that these guns are scarce.