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  1. Ruben, are you taking the March 8 ,1972 date from the date stamp on the original box? Is C&R status of > 50 years truly based of date of manufacture, or is it the date of registration?
  2. Is this running original rollers? If not what size?
  3. Swiss Maxim MG11 - Zeiss Optics W/ Leather

    What a beauty!
  4. WTB P90 Parts kit

    Looking for a post sample parts kit, minus (destroyed) receiver.
  5. WTB: 1919 Transferable side plate

    That guy with the Catco never went anywhere, he just went radio silent after some strange messages. Bump
  6. Image Watermarking

    Now that is a nice feature! You're ahead of Ebay at this point.
  7. WTS: Catco 1919

    PM sent
  8. I already own through a trust several NFA items, including a mg and suppressors. I am strongly considering getting my FFL01 home based. Would I be subject to the NJ gun laws regarding magazine size restrictions, and NFA ownership?