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  1. WTS a new in box early Kengs import Polytech M14s. The rifle has a SN of 0006X and it is heel marked. Although its difficult to establish with absolute certainty, this rifle is a 1988/89 Kengs import. The rifle has a full slotted flash hider with bayonet lug perfectly matched to the parkerized finish of the rifle. Its believed that the first 200 M14S rifles imported by Kengs are the only true PREBAN M14S rifles ever imported into the US. The price of this rifle is $1325 shipped to an FFL. Original box is included with the rifle along with one 20rd Polytech mag. The rifle is in new unfired (except prehaps at the factory) condition. This is from my personal collection which I am downsizing. Photos are available.
  2. Getting out of ARs. WTS a NEW (Unfired condition) Tactical Solutions .22lr AR upper - $425 shipped. The upper is complete with bolt, etc and 1 -25 round mag. I bought this new - never used it. This upper has a carry handle upper with A2 sights and AR15 type raised front sight and a 16.1" barrel. Barrel is threaded 1/2X28 and it has an A2 type flash hider. Photos are available.
  3. You need to send me your email address
  4. WTS New In Box Franklin Armory Binary trigger for AR15 rifles. This is new in sealed pack. I ordered this from Franklin 3 months ago and waited paitently for it to arrive. It did and I decided to get out of ARs. I have not broken the seal on the box as it came from Franklin. I paid $400 plus $15 shipping for it. I will sell it for $400 shipped (and I will take a discrete PAYPAL). Photos (of the sealed box are available) The Franklin binary trigger (an ATF approved design) will fire a round each time the trigger is PULLED and each time the trigger is RELEASED. Not interested in trades.
  5. WTS 3 digit SA M1A (Devine) - $1995 shpd

    Still available
  6. Prefer local sale in AZ - but will ship on your dime (800 rds weighs approx 44 lbs). WTS 800 rounds of Australian Defense Industries (7.62X51 ball) in blister packs. This is factory ammo - not reloads. Price is $460. Shipping will be calculated from 85743
  7. WTS 6 40rd PMAGS (Gen 3 - non window) black - $100 shipped. These are brand new FACTORY mags in factory packaging.
  8. WTS beautful early PREBAN (3 digit SN) Springfield Armory M1A. This is an early Devine (Elmer Balance) made receiver. My guess is that this rifle was sold as a receiver and then subsequently built by a military armorer into a complete rifle. The rifle has a Canadian contract National Match barrel. The barrel has a TE of 3. Its all USGI parts (except for the receiver). No mag is included, Price is $1995 shipped. This is from my collection and I am downsizing (getting older). I am not interested in trades, price is FIRM, and I will only ship to a FFL. Photos and references availlble upon request. Bolt is HRA as is the trigger group. Op rod is Winchester. Barrel is a National Match Canadian Contract barrel - markings are on top - not visible unless you remove the handguard. Barrel just behined flash hider is marked "N.M." M14 NM (part number 7791362) barrel production dates - Canadian Arsenals, Ltd. (C A) - March 1967 to June 1967 To avoid confusion - the barrel is not marked Devine Texas. If it were we would be talking about a $3,000 rifle. Link to photos: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPuPAKpgIm-citjAiDGJpV-tKvtzK02nzSh1lgV4wLT-HfDXKgX_WHE653om2s0Ag?key=eDg2cFA5Sld4Q0MwdlhaS3ljNXVReXlLQS1aY1FB
  9. WTS an excellent condition PRE BAN Entreprise Arms (Buena Park marked receiver) L1A1 - $1275 shipped to FFL. There were only aboult 2,400 early Entreprise Buena Park receivers before Entreprise changed the production to Irwindale California. The early Entreprise L1A1 receivers were forged (not investment cast). The receiver is an Aussie pattern receiver. The rifle is in great overall condition - with a beautiful, full length barrel with long slotted L1A1 flash hider. The rifle comes with 1 - 20 rd L1A1 magazine. Photos are available. This is a pre ban rifle. This is an "inch" pattern rifle (receiver is cut for inch pattern magazines). I am downsizing my collection. I will ONLY SHIP TO A FFL. A local sale in Southern Arizona must me to an Arizona resident with a valid Arizona drivers license and a valid Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit (no exceptions)
  10. WTS 6 new condition (translucent) Polish Beryl Archer mags (5.56X45) - NOT 5.45 mags. These are the slighly green translucent 30rd polymer mags for the Polish Beryl Archer rifle. I will sell all 6 mags for $235 shipped. The mag are in NEW condition.
  11. WTS two (2) NIW (new in wrap) 100rd Surefire AR15 mags $107 each shipped. I will sell both mags for $207 shipped.
  12. WTS Exec+ condition Daewoo K2 - $1535 shpd

  13. AMMO still available Will sell cans individually - but I'm not going to travel very far from Tucson for only 1 or 2 cans