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  1. WTB Group Industries AR16/M16

    Here you go. http://www.onlythebestfirearms.com/groupm16.html
  2. WTK: Reference Check on Chesterfield Armament

    All, I have completed my purchase with Chesterfield Armament. As Aaron had predicted, it went smoothly and professionally. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Thanks Aaron. James.
  3. WTK: The "Merle" Thompson 22lr conversion kit.

    I did send Merle an email a while back, but I did not receive a response. I thought someone here would know. I guess I will try calling next. Thank you for your input.
  4. Well, I missed out on a Thompson SMG 22lr conversion kit that was for sale on Gunbroker. It was a kit made for 28's and M1's. The auction said it was manufactured by a gentleman named Merle Bitikofer aka The Drum Doctor. I haven't been able to find out much about if these kits are available. Much of my search turns up older board threads about them. The consensus is that they are much better than the Ciener kits. Does anyone know if these are still being manufactured. I would like to purchase one. Thanks for your time in advance. James.
  5. WTK: Reference Check on Chesterfield Armament

    Aaron, yes they are out of Va. Thank you for your comments.
  6. Hello All, I am currently working on a deal for an NFA item with Chesterfield Armament. Has anyone here had any experience with the gentlemen at Chesterfield. So far they have been professional. Trying to do my due diligence prior to sending any funds. Anyone out there have any comments or experiences with this dealer? Thank you. James.
  7. Wideners

    R.L. Same here. I used to buy from them solely. Their deals are not deals, and their shipping rates are ridiculous! Midway seems to be heading in that direction too. They have low priced shipping, but don't seem to have many deals anymore.
  8. To anyone interested this Gentlemans ad, I purchased a S-Co Hybrid from Ryan through Gun-broker. The transaction was very smoothe,professional, and he shipped fast. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy from him again. Just my 2 cents worth. I am working on talking my cousin into an Omega, and purchasing it through you. Thanks Ryan.
  9. Hello All, I am looking for a stainless steel Remington model 700 barrel in non shooting condition. Caliber and length are not of concern. The barrel will be used to set up my mill for barrel fluting. The cheaper the better. Let me know what you have and what you want for it or them. Thanks. James
  10. WTS C&R A.O. Bridgeport Thompson $19.5k

    I am assuming this is a 1928 Bridgeport . Has the gun been rewatted , refinished,and by whom? Was it re marked by the manufacturer doing the work? Looking for a good shooter Tommy gun.
  11. Yugo m-49 VS romanian 8mm ?

    Mike, Thanks for chiming in. My point to Bushwacker51 was "If it is working for you, stick with it." Every time I have tried to go cheap, it has cost me more in the long run. It is not like we are playing with cheap toys here. James
  12. Yugo m-49 VS romanian 8mm ?

    Glenn, From everything that I have read, the Romanian has a better reputation in belt-feds. I do believe it will matter what type of barrel you are running in your 1917. Back when the Yugo was 10 cents a round delivered and the Semi 1919a4 rush was on, people over on the 1919a4 forum were bending top covers frequently while running Yugo and Turk ammo. There was an ongoing discussion as to the cause of the Kabooms. Mind you that all the 8mm barrels were after market manufactured. Some said that it was the barrels that were incorrectly chambered or head spaced. Some said the ammo was too hot. Some were incorrectly setting the headspace. I do remember someone thinking that the reamers they were chambering barrels with were Sami spec. The Yugo ammo is loaded with 200gr slugs with nice fat ogives. I believe that you need to have a barrel that is throated fairly deep to safely run this ammo. I have some of the Yugo ammo and I shoot it through my M48 Yugo mauser with 100% reliability. It is lead cored,copper jacketed and seems a bit spicy. I resisted the urge to jump into the 8mm pool as long as I could due to the fact that people were blowing up their guns. I have an un-fired chrome lined John Maguire 1919a4 barrel for my semi 1919a4. I never fired it. When I bought the barrel he warned me to only run Romanian ammo as it was sami spec chamber. Shortly after I purchased the barrel the cheap ammo dried up. The Romanian ammo is loaded 150 gr slug with a sleek ogive. I do not remember anyone blowing up a gun with Romy ammo. As you know it is steel cored and steel case. If it was me running a FA 1917, I would stick with what I have had good luck with. I am sure you know how much money you would save after you have blown a 1917 top cover.Maybe someone else with more 8mm experience will chime in. James.
  13. Firearm torque wrench

    I use a Wheeler FAT wrench for most of my gun smithing projects. It works forscope,scope mounts,stock ,and AR handgaurd installation. It won't break the bank and gives consistent results. My 2 cent.
  14. Price reduced to $715.00 delivered.