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  1. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    Looking for integral suppressor for the M3/M3A1 Grease Gun. Would prefer an AWC suppressor similar to the SG9. Would like it on a form 3. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks.
  2. pre-May Mini Uzi

    Have for sale a pre-May Mini Uzi. Comes with one 25rd mag. Can do e-file. Good condition. $8200. WMEM Inc. 07FFL/SOT
  3. 1919A4 with extras

    Posting for a customer. 1919A4, Ramo side plate. Set up in 30-06. Built on USGI parts kit. Assembled & test fired by Ohio Ordnance. Only 240 rounds through gun. Includes M2 tripod, T&E. Excellent condition. Also Includes: Spare 30-06 barrel M8 cover Linker 1000 30 caliber links 1000 7.62 links Head space & timing guage Spare bolt Spare top cover Combination wrench Broken shell extractor 100 round cloth belt 150 round cloth belt Shell catching bage Basic field manual Drive rod spring 21 buffer discs Spare rivets Gun is on form 4 in Arizona. $19,900. Only partial trade he will consider is a registered receiver USGI M2 Carbine plus cash+. Shipping & Insurance extra.
  4. Black Friday Clearance Sale: Glock 19 Gen 3 $490 New In Box Glock 19 Gen 4 $530 New In Box Glock 23 Gen 4 $530 New In Box Ruger LC9s $330 New In Box Ruger LC380 $380 New In Box Shipped to your dealer. AZ residents subject to 7.1% sales tax.
  5. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Have a pre-May Mini Uzi in good condition. One 25rd mag.
  6. m1 Thompson for Sale

    Hi. Nice package. If you would like to part with one of the M1 bolts let me know.
  7. WTB: Pre May Sample

    I have a preMay mini Uzi.
  8. For sale: Andersen Arms AR-10 parts kit. Includes upper receiver, lower receiver, lower receiver parts kit, hand guard & barrel nut. Hand guard has full length picatinny rail & drilled & tapped to add extra rails on the side & bottom. Great kit for building your own AR-10 for less money than buying complete rifle. $520 shipped to your dealer. Only to states where legal. Know your laws. Insurance extra. WMEM, Inc.
  9. WTB pre sample mini uzi

    Thinking of parting with one. Contact me via email.
  10. Anderson Arms AR-10 308 Kit. Kit includes lower receiver, upper receiver, lower receiver parts kit, aluminum hand guard with top rail & barrel nut. This must be shipped to a FFL dealer. Arizona residents subject to 7.1% sales tax. $600 shipped to your dealer. WMEM, Inc Lakeside, AZ
  11. WTB: BAR magazines / parts

    Go look on under $500 board. $20 ea.
  12. WTS: 1928 Thompson SBR

    For sale is a Auto Ordinance / Kahr Arms 1928 Thompson SBR, New In Box. This is a semi auto short barrel rifle. NOT a machine gun!! Will accept 20 round & 30 round magazines & drums. Barrel length is 10 1/2 inches. Comes with one 30 round magazine. Looks just like a 1928 Thompson. (Gun is marked Model of 1927 A1) This is your chance to own a Thompson for a fraction of the cost of a full auto. This is a customers gun who decided that he did not want it and wants to move to something else. It is on my books and will transfer out on a Form 3 to your dealer. If you are in Arizona I can transfer it direct to you on a Form 4. All NFA Laws apply. Check you local laws. $2150 + shipping. White Mountain Exotic Machines, Inc., Lakeside, AZ
  13. Sig 551-2 SP SWAT for sale. This rifle was originally imported as a Pre-May SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). It has been removed from the NFA registry. ATF documentation will be included. It is now a Title 1 gun. Barrel is 16 1/4" long. It can be very easily re-SBR'd to a transferable SBR. 3 SIG thirty round mags & 1 twenty round SIG mag. Sling & owners manual included. Night sights. Excellent condition. Very low round count. Not many of these in the country. $6500 + shipping & insurance to your FFL Dealer. Only to states where legal to own. WMEM, Inc. Lakeside, AZ 07 FFL / SOT
  14. Good Morning. If this gun is still available I have a client who will take it so consider it sold. Please email me your phone number so I can give you a call.
  15. Ruger P85, Used. $350 + shipping. Comes with 2 - 15 round mags. Upgraded by Ruger. (Only to states where they are legal) Ruger LC9 with Laser, Used. $375 + shipping. Comes with box, soft case & 1 mag. (Only to states where legal) WMEM, Inc. Lakeside, AZ