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  1. WTS:Armalite AR-180

    My email is correct. Try again. Gun is still available.
  2. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    Still looking
  3. WTS:Armalite AR-180

  4. WTS:Armalite AR-180

    Price reduced.
  5. WTS:Armalite AR-180

  6. Have a client who is interested in one of the side plates. Please send me your info to .
  7. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    Still looking.
  8. WTS:Armalite AR-180

    Listing this for a client. Have for sale an Armalite semi-auto AR-180 in very good condition. Sterling manufactured gun. 7 20 round mags and one 30 round mag. One 20 round mag is original mag. Only to states where legal. $1400 shipping and insurance is extra. WMEM Inc. Lakeside, AZ
  9. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

  10. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    Still looking.