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  1. Aug 9mm full auto

    Greetings all I have a registered trigger pack for an Aug. I would like a 9mm conversion. I have heard one wants antibounce pins carriers in the 9mm conversions. Did all 9mm conversions come with these? Where do I get these? Thx Heath
  2. Go with ptr, my dlo pack dropped right in and runs great. Zeniths are good too but there is some debate about adding a denial shelf prior to converting into a host. ZENITH was going to do conversions but have removed the option from their website.
  3. Finger print card FD-258

    I have done the fingerprint cards for my wife and myself for our trust for at least 15 submissions, form 1 and 4, no problems. My PD was charging 15$ per 2 cards and it was getting too expensive. I spent 20$ on amazon for lots of cards and a kit.
  4. HI folks Where can you get replacement recoils springs for Swedish k subguns? Is there a substitute? thanks HD
  5. Potential Scam Accounts

    HI Folks I have this guy named Kirby Dahlen, dahlen9@gmail.com, Texas Phone number, that contacted the shop with a bunch of NFA items, transferable and post samples, I figured it was a scam bc of the prices. He sent copies of someones form 07 from WI, pics of a swedish k and m11/10, but can not send copies of the form 3 his items are on... Be aware
  6. Nfa form 4 changes

    I appreciate the input. I'm fairly new to the nfa world. I want to have fun and practice entirely within the law. I have heard about that case but never knew specifics. Thanks for your effort and input. Thx
  7. Nfa form 4 changes

    So quick question In the instructions on the form 4, the government states that they need to be notified of any changes to the descriptionof the firearm, if you look at what is defined, (by them) it includes make, model, serial number, etc. Why hasn't one used this to morph one item into a different item? Thx
  8. rdias spring

    HI folks I have an swd rdias. My spring failed and I need to get another. Any ideas what I should get? thx Heath
  9. WTS: ithaca m37 12ga aow with punisher $400

    Agreed, better take the stock off and delete pic
  10. Hi folks I am looking for a transferable Swedish k, looking for a good shooter Thx Heath
  11. Wtb ar18/ar180 parts

    Hi folks I am looking for parts to build a shorty upper for my transferable ar180...I know that gunpartscorp sold parts kits a while back....mainly need the trip parts and bolt carrier....but open to any help Thx Heath
  12. KH thx for input I made a dealer for a complete kit and usgi host gun, I bought for $11.5 hd
  13. AUG SEAR GUNS info / help

    I spent a lot of time talking with Pete when setting up my sear.... he will recommend getting a fa stock, bolt carrier, having your trigger pack and semi fitted to the stock... probably some other good advise too
  14. Hi guys One quick question...what are transferable m2 conversion parts going for, sendra I believe. thx heath