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  1. wtb transferable ak47

    HI folks I am looking for a working transferable ak47, looking for a shooter, not for resale. Have cash ready to go for the right gun. I will do research on the seller and firearm, so scammers please don't waste my time. Looking for one in 7.62x39 preferably but will be open to other calibers. Thanks Heath
  2. wtb Ruger AC556 transferable mg

    mg found thx
  3. I did finally but am still on the look out for extras, do you have any for sale? thanks hd
  4. feedback assistance

    how do you add to the reputation, for example you have a +36?
  5. M16 shooter preservation questions

    How often is it recommended to change parts and springs, and which ones? I have the same questions for my other mg's, where do you find this information? hd
  6. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    The law has clearly morphed, I think the reason for that is we have agencies changing regulations without clear legislatures voting on the changes, 41P for example. I first noted this after the shopping center shooting in SLC, trolley square. An 18 year old bought a pistol grip shotgun with a 30 inch barrel. The pawn dealer was charged and convicted of selling a handgun to an underage buyer. Regarding the weapon of 26 inches of length being discussed, these have been around in the periphery for a couple of years, see shockwave technologies website. http://shockwavetechnologies.com/site/?page_id=88 I think one needs to be very careful about building one bought second hand or bought years in the past because one does not know how it was transfered from the dealer previously, if it was transfered as a shotgun, would guess that the accused would have the burden of proof that it was never in "shotgun" configuration, which the fed define as a gun with at least an 18 inch barrel and a buttstock. Personally, I am going to wait to buy the non NFA version until they are a little more mainstream...I form one registered my mossberg because I figured $200 is cheaper than getting an attorney and going through the BS if I were ever arrested with one of these "PGO's" and I needed to prove that I was within the law.
  7. Hey guys I am looking for one of these. looking for a shooter, what do you have? thanks heath
  8. Hey guys, where do we leave feedback about people...I have had a couple of good experiences and I would like to give good feedback. Also, I am in the middle of an interaction that smells foul and I want to give people warning. thanks hd
  9. WTB Full auto AUG parts

    Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my steyr and registered pack, Does anyone have a full auto bolt carrier or full auto stock available? thanks heath
  10. Thanks for your help, I have gotten great response from the Dealer, We are working with PJ to get this one good, the only thing is that parts are not available, PJ is thinking 2-3 months before they can arrive from AUSTRIA! Thanks all, comments were appreciated. hd
  11. aug question

    Hi guys, More Newbie questions Does a New Steyr AUG semi auto bolt carrier function with quailified Mfg sear? Does it need to be replaced with a full auto bolt carrier? thanks heath
  12. I am trying to be discrete until they have a chance to respond, I found out sunday and they are closed on the weekend.
  13. HI guys, I have another question for the board regarding a recent purchase from one of the big dealers I bought an AUG trigger pack with a host gun. I asked how it work, did it have anti-bounce rods. etc. I was told they had not shot it but it was a host gun. I was told it had anti-bounce rods. The gun I received has a semi auto bolt carrier, it does not trip the auto sear. There is no way this is a set up functioning host. So I am feeling misled at this point. First question. How can I tell if these are anti-bounce rods? Second. If a dealer says they are selling you a host and trigger pack, shouldn't it function? thanks heath
  14. But is it a problem to have a gun registered in 9mm and not have a 9mm barrel or any conversion parts? how do I fix that?
  15. Ok guys I am in a little bit of a bind I bought a registered AUG sear from one of the big dealers, one of the top four out there, Anyway, my dealer gets the gun in with the Form 3. The form says the caliber is "9" nothing else. The rifle is clearly in 223. Only the manufacture is listed, not the city and state. So several questions. 1. Is the incorrect caliber listed a big deal? this dealer says that they offer 100% satisfaction with return option. 2. Is it Ok to correct the caliber when we submit the form 4? 3.Do I need to add the city and address to the manufacture? Thanks heath