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  1. WTS: LaFrance Specialties FAL

    What are the markings on the left side of the receiver? Thx Heath
  2. Buy from Steve with absolute confidence. Thx Heath Diel
  3. Steve 1919 was just received. Very well packed. Steve is very forthcoming with information requests. Very quickly filed and shipped. One of my best if not the best nfa transfer experience. Thx Heath Diel
  4. WTB 1919a4

    HI folks I am looking for a transferable 1919a4. Looking for a good working specimen. Not in a big hurry, don't want a non working project. I'll want proof of working condition prior to purchasing. Hoping to find something with a few extra parts included. I'm not new to the hobby. Please understand I will verify and vet any potential deal prior to purchasing. So if you are a scammer or don't have any verifiable credentials please don't contact me, you will be wasting your and my time. I have a local class 3 dealer that can handle the paperwork on my end. Thanks Heath
  5. Best First MG for Under 15k

    Sterling. Or Sterling Cheap mags, Available parts, Easy to put a red dot on. Very reliable. I shoot it as much as my mp5
  6. Wilson Combat 11-87 Shotgun

    I'll take it Thx
  7. Wilson Combat 11-87 Shotgun

    Pm sent
  8. Sterling MK4 Semi Builders

    I also have a wiselite Sterling SBR, for trade options too. Thx Heath Diel
  9. WTB Transferable AK47

    Greetings I am looking for a transferable AK47. I would like a fixed stock stamped receiver gun. I am looking for a shooter so not super concerned about mint condition. I am familiar with the process and have a dealer in town that I have used for several years with several different NFA deals. Thanks Heath
  10. WTB Steyr AUG Kahles optic tube

    I might have what you want, send me an email address and I will take a pic. I have a scope from a demilled post sample kit. thx Heath
  11. WTS: Benelli Short Barrle Shotgun

    What model? Thx
  12. 9mm aug question

    Greetings I am progressing further on my aug 9mm full auto set up. Question. Do the 9mm full auto guns need antibounce pins? Thx Heath
  13. WTS: Steyr AUG 9mm FA parts kit $2200

    I will take this, send payment details Thx Heath
  14. HI folks I bought some of those bolts with extractors from sarco, now I need the spring/retainer. Where can I find these? thanks Heath