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  1. Pre May sample UZI

    Will do
  2. Pre May sample UZI

    I’m not giving it away or doing 50/50 payments.
  3. Pre May sample UZI

    Comes with a box that doesn’t match serial, Ceiner can with barrel, too. Gun is mint. $6,000
  4. 870 police magnum SBS $200

    88 is up next. BDMerc sent PMs just after 88. thanks for the boards, Buddy
  5. 870 police magnum SBS $200

    No response so still available
  6. Former PD gun, NFA rules apply. Files on a e-form 3 to your SOT $200
  7. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    I have one, burst and FA. Mint. PM me
  8. What’s up with that Thompson?
  9. NIB Colt 6991

    replied spf
  10. NIB Colt 6991

    NIB Colt 6991 9mm SBR. $975 shipped. Transfers on Form 3. E File.
  11. Just a slight point of contention: The rules state that an entity can retain pre may samples, so long as the entity remains alive. Here is the reference: (and I am posting this for your benefit) So entities and sole props can retain pre may guns and other NFA items. 14.2.2 Corporations, partnerships, and associations. FFLs licensed as corporations, partnerships, or associations, who have been qualified to deal in NFA firearms and who go out of the NFA business, may lawfully retain their inventory of these firearms, including imported NFA “sales samples,” as long as the entity does not dissolve but continues to exist under State law. No NFA transfer occurs that would require an ATF-approved transfer because the firearms are still possessed by the same entity to which they were previously transferred and registered. However, any firearm registered to the entity as a “sales sample” would continue to bear the “sales sample” restriction on any subsequent transfer, unless the firearm is being transferred to a government agency. Thus, the transfer of a “sales sample” to other than a government agency will only be approved if the transferee is an FFL/SOT qualified such samples.220
  12. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    message sent
  13. Pre May DS Uzi

    Pics sent. Willing to go to 6k. That's the final price for both items. File e forms same day if you wire funds.
  14. Pre May DS Uzi