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  1. WTS M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1795

    That email address won't work. I'm at 404-273-4655 Thanks. Lamar
  2. WTS M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1795

    Bob, John Miller (known as "Miller") was one of his best friends. They traveled around a lot together. Paul Reed of Navy Arms was a close friend of John's & mine & that's how I met them. I've met Pat Jarvis. I live in Marietta, Ga. so going to Ohio to one of their shoots was a long 'hump' for me. Couple that with inconvenient dates & I just never did it. I thought Vince was in the Air Force then the Marine Corps. We talked about his LST sailing in rough seas & also his being on the team testing gov't. requests like the plane toilet seat cover cost actually caused by the module design of the airplane toilet being one indivisible unit forcing a special seat. The whole unit was bought as one. As an Architect & builder I am flabbergasted at the govt's. unforced expenses. The 'ol' don't go to the hardware store to buy a hammer' trick. I tell people that he must've finished at least 250 'correct' M1s for himself. He looked through the dozen I had & told me what to sell & corrected a part here & there in the ones he said to keep. You will know if I got the number anywhere close. It was interesting, but strange, to me that he & his wife went straight on with their divorce while they planned for his cancer demise. I never met her so their affairs were their own. ??? We shoot at Ft. Gordon, Ga. on range 16 once a year. It was twice but maybe we started too many fires. It's their .50 cal. & mortar range. Our usual targets are on the other gully side rise from 700-900 yds. The plateau starts at 1000+/- yds. to 2000 +/- that we can see from Jan. -Feb. because of winter lack of foliage. Their Sportsman's Club shots on another range out to 1000 yds. That's where I wanted to shoot the M1. Max 800 yd. & closer. Oh well. All of my guns now shoot better than me. You'll have to come visit. Lamar
  3. WTS M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1795

    Yes. Vince didn't create paperwork as he built this specifically for me so a lot of people turn their nose up. It's to be shot by an ACTUAL SHOOTER !! These folks aggravate me. A little of Vince in me. On the SPRs that he & John Miller built the uppers for Crane he DID provide the specs. He & I have, as far as I know, the only two out of captivity. Vince & I went to Leopold at LV Shot & they showed us their new civilian scope that was nearest to their contract scope, so that's what he & I bought for our rifles. We used Joe Gaddini's suppressor as Seaburger (A.H.) wouldn't sell us contract ones. I had heart & kidney operations & Vince died. I finally took the rifle out & saw light through the rear aperture but nothing else. Alas ! I'm delighted that you knew Vince & that makes it better to sell you the rifle. Where did you work with him ? Lamar
  4. WTS - German MG15 Transferrable - $24950

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  5. WTS FN FAL G-1 Pre-May Sales Sample $7995

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  6. WTS Various Demonstrator Bolt Guns Ready for Suppressors - $549-1825

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  7. WTS Knights Armament Stoner SR-25 Pre-Ban Match, Low SN - $4095

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  8. WTS M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1795

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  9. WTS Knights Armament Stoner SR-25 Pre-Ban Match, Low SN - $4095

    Yes ! A great scope on this rifle.
  10. Vince Jiga built this rifle for me several years ago as I wanted a 7.62 M1 that could compete. Vince went through a great deal of his parts (he built over 250 correct M1s for his OWN collection) to select the best parts to build this rifle. All of these parts are specifically selected & the receiver is bedded in. Vince used to run Camp Perry & built the original Crane order of SPR uppers when we first sent SpecOps into Afghanistan. Cancer killed Vince, my close friend, & I then had several heart & kidney operations including cracking my chest. When I finally decided I could do the rifle justice I took it to the range. I could see light through the small rear aperture but not even the front sight. My eyes can now only see through a scope. !! DAMN !! This rifle deserves better than me. It needs a home with a skilled Shooter. I doubt if a master shooter can find a more competitive M1. $1795
  11. Several heart & liver & other operations preclude some of my more accurate shooting, so I am offering the following suppressor ready guns up for sale. Remington 700 Police Special .308 Win. 20” heavy barrel, Tasco Custom Shop 8-40x54 scope, Harris Bi-pod, and fitted for SWR suppressor (not included) I use this rifle for police demonstrations. -- $549 without suppressor ------ Winchester Model 70 SA .223 Rem. Heavy Varmint 20” barrel, Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x42 scope, Harris bi-pod and fitted for SWR suppressor (not included) I bought this rifle for accurate longer range .223 shooting & have put maybe 8 (eight) rds. through it. $999 without suppressor ---- FN Herstal Special Police rifle .308 Win. 20” heavy barrel, 10x42 unnamed scope, Harris bi-pod fitted for SWR suppressor (not included). I use rifle for police demonstrations. $1825 without suppressor
  12. WTS - German MG15 Transferrable - $24950

    Includes fabricated pointless for high mount, tool kit & one doppelgänger drum with loader keys $ 24,950
  13. WTS FN FAL G-1 Pre-May Sales Sample $7995

    FN FAL G-1 West German Border Police 7.62 mm pre-May ’86’ Dealer Sample All of these guns are full auto & have built in fold down bi-pods. The most accurate of the issue FN FALs. British Military scope not included $7995
  14. This is an early Pre-Ban Knights Armament, Vero Beach, SR-25 Match with a 24" barrel. SR-25s of this period had a sub 1 MOA guarantee, with many of the guns shooting a lot less - unfortunately I don't have the test target for this rifle. The man I bought this rifle from was a serious match shooter and had KAC go over this rifle for competition. Rifle comes with 1 magazine and a Harris Bipod. Scope and rings are not included. $4095 + Shipping
  15. WTS : M2 Inland Carbine

    Long gone, Sold to a local friend. Thanks for your interest though.