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  1. WTB Lahti L39

    Looking to purchase L39 Lahti and accessories.Contact tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  2. WTS L-39 LAHTI cannon PERFECT! w/ ammo etc.

    Mike,is this piece still available? Rick at tootallrick@gmail.com.
  3. WTB 1917a1 cradle assembly

    Looking for parts or complete cradle assembly for 1917 Browning machine gun.Other gun accessories also. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  4. WTB Boys anti tank rifle and any accessories. Contact tootallrick@gmail.com
  5. Please delete

    I’ve got a complete zb30 kit with a few accessories. Barrel has welded chamber.All receiver pieces included.Pics if interested.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  6. WTB 1917a1 cradle assembly

    Looking for parts,whole cradle assembly for this tripod. tootallrick@gmail.com
  7. WTB AR70 barrel, trunnion

    Got a new barrel.200 includes postage.Have pics if wanted. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  8. Looking for original stowage box for the .30 cal. Browning belt loader.Any other 1917 parts or accessories also. tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  9. WTB 1917a1 Tripod

    Looking to buy parts or pieces in good condition.Cash ,other tripods or many WW2 items for trade. tootallrick@gmail.com
  10. Looking for parts and pieces also tripod.
  11. WTB: Breda 37 parts kit and accessories Bren MK1 Tripod

    Give me your email and I'll send pics after I get there.Thanks,Rick.
  12. WTB: MG34 Demilled Receiver

    Ty,what is your email so I can send pics of mg34 roeceiver. Thanks,Rick.
  13. WTB: MG34 Demilled Receiver

    Still got receiver pieces.One just went on gb for 497.If you still want them 450 and that includes priority postage.Same receiver,three cut and in excellent condition .Pics if desired.Rick.
  14. WTB: Breda 37 parts kit and accessories Bren MK1 Tripod

    I've got a lot of Breda 37 stuff ,tripod,dummy gun,parts and accessories in Florida. Be there in 2 weeks,if still interested will send pics and descriptions.Rick.
  15. WTB: Complete 5 volume set "The Machine Gun"

    Got a nice complete set if still interested.600 plus shipping .Pics if interested.Rick.tootallrick@ gmail.com