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  1. WTB M1a1 Thompson barrel

    Looking to purchase a nos Thompson smg barrel.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  2. Looking to purchase hopefully nos Thompson bolt M1a1 or another one in very good condition, Contact, tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks and standing by.Rick.
  3. Looking to buy this .22 rifle or other rare or different .22 rifles,if you have something strange or out of the ordinary let’s communicate. tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  4. WTB Cobray 9mm or .380 uppers

    Looking to purchase Cobray uppers with or without bolts. 9mm or .380. Contact tootallrick@ gmail.com.Thanks and standing by.
  5. WTB Original WW2 MG34 Ammo Can

    Dude l have one.Thanks for the help with the type 99.tootallrick@gmail.com.Rick.
  6. WTB 1917a1 bmg and type 99 lmg

    Want to buy both of these machine guns.Contact, tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks and standing by.Rick
  7. Looking to buy parts and pieces for this Italian smg and the German Mp41 also. Contact ,tootallrick@gmail.com
  8. WTB Mp41 parts

    tootallrick@gmail.com. No space after@.
  9. WTB Mp41 parts

    Need rear receiver cap,front barrel trunion,and barrel retaining nut.Will consider all other parts.Thanks and standing by,tootallrick@ gmail.com.
  10. Let me know what you have ,pics, and price.Thanks and standing by at, tootallrick@gmail.com.
  11. Looking for any or all parts for either of these conversions for the .22 lr. Contact : tootallrick@gmail.com
  12. Also looking for M19 60mm parts . tootallrick@gmail.com.
  13. WTB Mp41 or Mp35 parts or kits

    Looking to buy various parts for the mp41 or mp35 or complete kits.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  14. WTB Mp35 and Mp41 parts kits

    Wanted to buy,trade,whatever Mp35 and or Mp41 parts kits. Also after German EMP parts kit and Mp28 accessories. tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks and standing by.
  15. WTB Mp35 parts kit

    Looking to purchase or trade for a mp35 parts kit.Also looking for a mp41 kit or pieces. Contact,tootallrick@gmail.com