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  1. WTB Machine Gun News magazines

    What have you got and how much?Thanks for the reply,Rick.
  2. WTB British 2 inch mortar

    Looking to purchase parts,accessories,or anything else related to the British 2 inch mortar. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  3. WTB Machine Gun News magazines

    Looking to buy early issues, 1988 thru December 1991.Others also,let me know what you’ve got.tootallrick@gmail.com
  4. WTB Spectre 9mm magazines

    Interested in purchasing Sites Spectre 9mm magazines, parts, and accessories. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  5. WTB Mp40 parts

    Looking for magwell,complete lower and barrel assembly. Contact tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  6. WTB Lahti L39

    Looking to purchase L39 Lahti and accessories.Contact tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  7. WTS L-39 LAHTI cannon PERFECT! w/ ammo etc.

    Mike,is this piece still available? Rick at tootallrick@gmail.com.
  8. WTB 1917a1 cradle assembly

    Looking for parts or complete cradle assembly for 1917 Browning machine gun.Other gun accessories also. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  9. WTB Boys anti tank rifle and any accessories. Contact tootallrick@gmail.com
  10. Please delete

    I’ve got a complete zb30 kit with a few accessories. Barrel has welded chamber.All receiver pieces included.Pics if interested.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  11. WTB 1917a1 cradle assembly

    Looking for parts,whole cradle assembly for this tripod. tootallrick@gmail.com
  12. WTB AR70 barrel, trunnion

    Got a new barrel.200 includes postage.Have pics if wanted. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  13. Looking for original stowage box for the .30 cal. Browning belt loader.Any other 1917 parts or accessories also. tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  14. WTB 1917a1 Tripod

    Looking to buy parts or pieces in good condition.Cash ,other tripods or many WW2 items for trade. tootallrick@gmail.com
  15. Looking for parts and pieces also tripod.