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  1. Looking for any or all parts for either of these conversions for the .22 lr. Contact : tootallrick@gmail.com
  2. Also looking for M19 60mm parts . tootallrick@gmail.com.
  3. WTB Mp41 or Mp35 parts or kits

    Looking to buy various parts for the mp41 or mp35 or complete kits.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  4. WTB Mp35 and Mp41 parts kits

    Wanted to buy,trade,whatever Mp35 and or Mp41 parts kits. Also after German EMP parts kit and Mp28 accessories. tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks and standing by.
  5. WTB Mp35 parts kit

    Looking to purchase or trade for a mp35 parts kit.Also looking for a mp41 kit or pieces. Contact,tootallrick@gmail.com
  6. WTB 38a Beretta parts

    Looking to purchase 38/42 or 38a Beretta parts and accessories,bolt,recoil spring,magazines,etc. tootallrick@gmail.com
  7. Looking for a demilled WW2 Japanese knee mortar or pieces and parts.tootallrick@gmail.com
  8. Looking to purchase.parts and pieces for the .22 lr conversion for either bmg 1919a4 or 1917 a1.tootallrick@gmail.com.
  9. WTB .22 training parts for 1917a1 Browning machine gun

    I’m interested. Can you send pics and my offer will depend on condition and what you have. Email at tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks for reply and standing by.Rick.
  10. WTB .22 training parts for 1917a1 Browning machine gun

    Still looking for any conversion parts for either 1919 or 1917.
  11. WTB .22 training parts for 1917a1 Browning machine gun

    I’m interested.
  12. Want to buy all accessories and parts to make the 1917a1 run in .22 LR. Contact tootallrick@gmail.com.Thanks.
  13. WTB Machine Gun News magazines

    What have you got and how much?Thanks for the reply,Rick.
  14. WTB British 2 inch mortar

    Looking to purchase parts,accessories,or anything else related to the British 2 inch mortar. tootallrick@gmail.com.
  15. WTB Machine Gun News magazines

    Looking to buy early issues, 1988 thru December 1991.Others also,let me know what you’ve got.tootallrick@gmail.com