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  1. The title pretty much says it all. Also looking for a Jap type 100 SMG mag and original Confederate weapons
  2. Looking to buy a French MAT 49 magazine and a bolt, preferably for one of the Vietnamese conversions (although I'm not entirely sure what the difference is), but will consider the standard 9mm parts as well. I'm in NY, however, I do have an FFL as well as an SOT, so it's alright for me to receive the high capacity magazine. Thank you.
  3. I'm a collector of Civil War Confederate weapons as well as Vietnam & Iraq bring back weapons. Looking for my private collection. I do have an FFL, so that's not a problem on my end. Please email me with Item, Condition, and price. Preference for papered Vietnam bring backs. All Confederate weapons considered, although mainly focusing on firearms. Thank you. -George