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  1. Figured it can't hurt to post here. I'm looking for original Civil War Confederate weapons for my personal collection. Muskets, pistols, swords, carbines, bayonets, etc. Please let me know what you've got! Thank you. -George
  2. The title pretty much says it all. Also looking for a Jap type 100 SMG mag and original Confederate weapons
  3. Looking to buy a French MAT 49 magazine and a bolt, preferably for one of the Vietnamese conversions (although I'm not entirely sure what the difference is), but will consider the standard 9mm parts as well. I'm in NY, however, I do have an FFL as well as an SOT, so it's alright for me to receive the high capacity magazine. Thank you.
  4. I'm a collector of Civil War Confederate weapons as well as Vietnam & Iraq bring back weapons. Looking for my private collection. I do have an FFL, so that's not a problem on my end. Please email me with Item, Condition, and price. Preference for papered Vietnam bring backs. All Confederate weapons considered, although mainly focusing on firearms. Thank you. -George