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  1. M60 barrel stubs have any value?

    No, its the breech ends, with the locking lug slots or what not.
  2. Was going through stuff in the shop and came across a box full of torch cut M60 barrels about 8-10" long each, barrel extension is intact and wondering if they are worth anything or should I just scrap them? Thanks!
  3. Looking for reasonably priced factory .44 Desert Eagle magazines, looking for 2 minimum..would like more than that however. Also looking for S&W factory 659 magazines stainless preferred "standard capacity" as well as extended capacity sought. Again factory mags only. Also looking for S&W 59/659 series wood grips or something other than these pachys that came on mine. Thank you.
  4. WTB: RV-85 26.5mm

    Looking for one or two RV-85 launchers 26.5mm- I'm looking for just the launcher and I have a friend looking for the launcher and its acc.
  5. I'm looking for 2 or so shot out,blemished AR15/m4 (whatever) barrels. full length would be great but not necessary, building some cutaway rifles and need barrels. Let me know what you have. I have M60 stubs I would be willing to trade if interested.