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  1. CLOSED: Ruger AC556 (non-folder)

    I appreciate the information. I was really looking forward to an AC556, but due to a very recent job change - a budget cut needed to happen. In my search for wooden full stock NFA items I found the Reising and AC. So I've come back to the Reising an am working with an FFL now on what appears to be a very good find. Thanks again. Maybe there will be an AC in my future, but there doesn't appear to be one at the moment.
  2. CLOSED: Ruger AC556 (non-folder)

    Buster - yeah. I have been tracking his site for 6 months now. He just got a crop of folders in (good prices too). I've spoken to him since I had a seller (in Ma) contact me about a gorgeous (tiger striping) 190's full rifle - but Spiwak told me to steer clear as the 190's are more of a collectible thing right now (simply finding parts is near impossible) and I want to shoot the thing without fear I'm going to turn it into a paperweight. He's unfortunately has no rifles coming in at the moment. If you are looking for a folder though, that same seller in MA had one and I can put you in contact with him. I think he was looking for near or just a little above Spiwak's prices.
  3. First time posting a WTB here. I've been looking for a basic Ruger AC556 191-192 series in the full rifle stock for my first Class III purchase. Ideally looking for a local transfer, but understand the logistics of finding one close might be remote as I have been looking for at least 6+ months now. Please let me know if you have one, the condition and price. Also, please be prepared to provide several photos and close-ups including any identifying information so I and my FFL can get a good sense of what the firearm looks like. Message me for contact details. I have my Mass Resident License to Possess a Machine Gun and Class III FFL lined up to hep facilitate the transfer as well. Thanks - dogdoctor (and yes, I am a veterinarian)
  4. Ruger AC556 Ciener 22LR kit $250

    JC - do you know which kit (see below per Ciener's site) you have? Pics? A: For Serial #181 thru 187 & 190 thru 192, & 500 Series or B: For Serial #188, 189, 193 up to 500 series