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  1. Sighting in M11/9 smg HK sighted upper

    I've only used the upper s few times over the past 15 or so years as i always used my beater uppers to burn up large amounts of ammo. I had sent my can to Tom many years ago and he serviced the can along with updated baffles for free. ... We keep you all updated as I gotta solve this issue next week as I'm leaving for the Creek the week after. I think the Mepro 21B will help a lot. .
  2. Sighting in M11/9 smg HK sighted upper

    Many thanks. It has a task slowfire conversion from Metal Werkes many many years ago along with a heavy buffer on an ACE full stock and an Autowekes front vertical grip. Muzzle rise isn't a problem as i never do mag dumps due to my wallet since ammo has risen so much over the past 20 years. Checked my BOWERS CAC9 1st gen can and looks like there's no baffle strikes. Threw an Mepro 21B on it to see what i can do and I'm gonna try some different ammo. Gotta get it tuned up for the Creek in April. Thanks again
  3. Sighting in M11/9 smg HK sighted upper

    Many thanks, gonna run it without the can and use a Mepro 21B on the rail. I'll also run it with the can and the Mepro to see if there's any differences. On semi it was all over the place but that was with the can and the HK sites. Gotta get this going asap for the smg competition at the Creek. ..
  4. Sighting in M11/9 smg HK sighted upper

    I have a M11/9 smg with an older Autowekes HK sight upper i bought from Erik many moons ago. ... I ran it with some Wolf 9mm and my 1st Gen Bowers CAC9 can. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 yards and further. Any recommendations for using these HK sights, what rear diopter setting to use and/or a different front sight insert? I was thinking about buying some HK front sight inserts and do some experimenting by reducing the height of some of the inserts to see what effect ot would have if any. I've got no problem changing ammo or running it unsupressed if that would help. Any ideas, experience or recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. WTS : 3 Gerber 06 military issue switchblade knives

    My paypal is under the same email address that's in my ad.
  6. 1 mint made in usa Gerber 06 auto partially serrated tanto with sheath, no box or manual $75.00 1 mint made in usa Gerber 06 auto partially serrated point blade with sheath, no box or manual $75.00 1 mint made in usa Gerber 06 auto partially serrated point blade with sheath, no box or manual $75.00 PRICES ARE FIRM. .. Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net FREE SHIPPING

    new military issue multicam. FREE SHIPPING Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net for pictures or inquires 1. 2 Medium rucks $75. each 2. 2 waist packs $20 .each 3. Full ruck $150. 4. Assault pack $75 5. General purpose buttpack $75. 6. 2 M4 8 magazine chest racks/rigs $80. Each 7. Rhodesian recon vest $ 120. 8. H-harness $ 30 9. War belt $50 10. 5 M4 3 magazine shingles $20. each 11. 5 Canteen pouches $20. each 12. 3 M9 single mag pouches $15. each 13. 3M4 2 mag pouches $20. each 14. 2 M4 3 mag bandoleers w/shoulder strap $25 each 15. 2 Grenade pouches $15. each 16. 2 Hydration packs $45. each 17. 2 Entrenching tool pouches $20.each 18. 1 Flashbang grenade pouch $ 15. 19. 1 M4 single mag pouch $15 20. 1 9x5x2 utility pouch $25. 21. 1 9x3x2 pouch $ 25. 22. 1 flashlight pouch $ 20. 23. 1EGRESS air bottle pouch $ 20. 24. 1 PRC 112 radio pouch $ 25. 25. 1MBITER radio pouch $ 25. 26. 1 size Large KDH Magnum TAC1 plate carrier, side panels ,2 deltoid protectors and 2 shoulder panels $400 27. 1 London Bridge M9 RH drop holster $45. 28. 1small belly strap $ 10. 29. 1 small panel $10. 30. 1ALICE adapter $10. 31. 1 LAP belt restraint $15. 32. 1 mint Coyote brown LH Blackhawk M9 drop holster rig $30. 33. 1. mint black RH Blackhawk M9 drop holster rig $30. 34. 1 big Coyote brown NBC gear backpack Kit includes: Detectors and decontamination items 2 NIW NBC gloves 2 NIW NBC over boots 1 NIW NBC large long trousers 1 NIW NBC medium regular trousers 1 NIW NBC Navy only medium long coat 1 NIW NBC Navy only medium regular coat $100
  8. 5 New in the wrapper Center Industries 30rd 5.56 caliber green follower AR15 magazines. Asking $ 50.00 shipped FREE. Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net
  9. WTS : Eagle Industries Multicam/OCP Fire Retardent pouches MOVED TO EBAY

    I'm willingto make deals on these before i list on fleabay in the morning. .
  10. 5 Pre-ban Beretta 92FS 15rd mags $115. 4 have the extra cutout for the early 92S bottom side mag release and are all marked PB made in Italy and ARE pre-ban with no dates or restricted markings. 4 look as new with the extra cut out. 1 is very good without the cut out 9 Beretta 92FS 15rd mags $115. All are post-ban date/restricted marked Checkmate Industries mags most look new and some are in execellent condition, few have the sand resistant coating. . ALL ITEMS HAVE FREE SHIPPING CONTACT ME HERE OR DIRECTLY AT KAAKSBECK@COMCAST.NET for pictures, inquires or reasonable offers
  11. New without tags USMC ISSUE S.O.TECH /Special Operations Technologies Los Angeles, CA Foliage green Devil chest rig Split chest rig with (6) Internal M4 magazine pouches fitting up to (12) M4 mags, a detachable rear hydration pouch, covered with MOLLE for the versatility of attaching additional mission items and pouches. I'm including a very good ccondition Camelbak to use with the hydration system pouch. Msrp $295.00 I'll take $100.00 shipped. Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net
  12. WTS: Hardigg weapons case

    Location is Callahan, Florida which is near Jacksonville, Florida Price is $ 175.00 obo I'll only ship if buyer pays their own shipping and it'll be shipped as it is NOT BOXED UP. Pre-owned Hardigg machine gun and accessories transport case, great shape, perfect latches, handles and wheels. Hardigg cases and Pelican are the same mfg. Perfect for many things including multiple weapons and gear incuding 50 cal rilfes. This case has NO Foam and this particular case wasn't designed to have foam initially. I don't know the exact model number either. Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net or text me at 904-254-5630 Below are the deminsions. Inside L 47" W 14" H 11" Outside L 50" W 17" H 12"
  13. WTS : 7mm-08, 25-06, 30-30 brass and 30-06 ammo

    Unfortunately not...