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  1. Will the Beretta AR70/90 lower fit on Beretta AR70 upper?
  2. WTS: Steyr Aug fully transferable

    will u take 17000? mike mcheng1978@me.com
  3. WTS: IMI Galil Mod. 332 W/ Nimrod scope

    I will take it
  4. WTS: HK PSG-1 $20000

    IF date code
  5. Factory HK PSG-1 in excellent condition, It comes with everything shown in the picture, - original case -tripod -two 5 round magazines -two 20 round magazines -stock adjustment knob -cleaning kit -original scope -sling Email me directly at nostalgic@earthlink.net if interested. All for $20000 plus shipping to your FFL, thanks for looking.
  6. It is converted by Fleming using registered AK sear with factory original SAR, on form 4, please let me know your email so i can send you pics, thanks
  7. Hello, Are you interested in trade for a transferrable Galil SAR? thanks
  8. Price lowered to $200
  9. WTS: SPAS 15 NEW $4750 - SOLD

    Price lowered to $4,750, last price drop, thanks
  10. Attentions 40MM collectors, what I have is a never seen "LIVE" XM387E3 Proof round made in 1960s. The bullet is made of solid alumnium with black paint to mark and proof your 40MM barrel rifling after being fired, very unique and extermely rare, don't miss out this opporyunity to complete your collection. Email me at nostalgic@earthlink.net for more info, thanks.
  11. WTS: SPAS 15 NEW $4750 - SOLD

    Price lowered to $5800 shipped, thanks
  12. Once in a life time opportunity to own this very rare non date coded first generation factory Steyr AUG magazine, it is believed there were only 250 of these imported into US along with their gun. The color is transparent makes it perfect for the display. Will sell for $200 shipped, thanks for looking.
  13. SPF- thanks Chris
  14. BTT, final price dropped to $36000