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  1. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    Any leads??
  2. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    A&D Enterprises made these (sold by Bazooka Brothers) in the early 2000's for the AR15, Uzi, HK91, and i believe for the M11/9 as well. While looking for the HK91, I picked one up for my Uzi. I hope to get it running soon. A couple were for sale here on Sturm last summer...
  3. I'm looking for an adapter to run the AM180 drums on a HK91/G3 or an M11/9. Let me know what you have. Thanks SH
  4. WTS: Flemming Registered HK Sear, Form 3, FL, 26k

    I'm a buyer if mattk hasn't already beat me to it!