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  1. Do not engage in any transactions with people claiming to be... Gunbroker name: FNP45tactical Hillary Glaser ucfprincess1@aol.com Or Craig Glaser craigglaser@hotmail.com 7375 Cypress Gardens Blvd Winter Haven, Florida 33884-3246 People claiming to be Hillary Glaser or Craig Glaser have stolen $670 worth of gun parts from me for items they received then made a fraudulent refund claim yet refused to return the item.
  2. I am a serious buyer. I have references available if need be. I am looking for either an RDIAS or a registered receiver (depending on the price gap between the examples I find). In regards to the registered receiver option, I am looking for a shooter, not a collector, so it does not have to be a Colt or a museum piece. In the past I worked for a storefront NFA dealer where I established the NFA program. Some of you here in Alaska may even have met me. Thanks for your help. TED tsh77769@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, I'm a new member. I currently serve on active duty status in Ft. Richardson (Anchorage), Alaska. I used to work at a storefront Class III dealer (where I established the program) for almost 6 years. I used to have an FNC but couldn't afford to shoot it. I now have an M11 9mm with Lage slowfire upper. My current NFA related goal is to replace my M11 with an M10 9mm and customize the M10. Thus... WTB transferable M10 9mm in any functional condition or even just a receiver (I'm going to put a Lage upper on it anyway). Lowest reasonable price is the primary driving consideration. I want to celebrate my recent promotion to Sergeant (and even with the small increase in pay, I have a family and money is tight). Thank you all for creating what has to be THE NFA forum on the net. tsh77769