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  1. Hey guys thought i would give yall a heads up Redding Auction Service in Gettysburg PA has two Transferable machine guns coming up in there Dec 15 sale. I have included a link below a transferable MP5 and a Lewis Gun. MP5 Lewis Gun
  2. WTS: Glock 18C Post Sample

    Are there any left?
  3. WTS Zastava model 56 and UZI pre 86 samples

    Are these still available?
  4. I have for sale a Anderson AM-15 Factory Brand New Lower. These were registered as SBR's by us here at Southern Tactical. They are engraved with our information as required by law. The lower pictured may not be the one that you receive but will be the same color and nib also and marked in the same location. These will require a 200 tax stamp to own but are civilian legal. These are also available to Law Enforcement departments. These will transfer to your dealer tax free on a form 3 via efile which is taking around a month. For a extra hundred dollars we will assemble your lower with factory Anderson parts were once your lower comes to you will just have to put on your upper. I have right many of these available so let me know if you need multiple. I have some that are consecutive numbered. These will be $100 dollars shipped to your FFL/SOT. We will take Personal,Business or Certified checks. We also will take and prefer USPS MO. I also will take Visa,MasterCard & Discover over the phone for 3%. Thanks Sidney H Beasley IV (Russ) Southern Tactical FFL/SOT