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  1. Temporally Sold Out again. We will have another small run in a month or so but sadly the cost will have to go up a little bit.
  2. Summer Sale 10% off last 6 in stock $1150ea!!!!
  3. Okay guys we have sold over 50 of these SBR and have come to the end of the pile of kits we have (6) SBR Rifles left. We have another small run coming in a few months but the price will be higher as the cost of these kits has gotten crazy. So if you want one grab them now!!! Not a sales pitch just the true.
  4. Yes there threaded 13X1 RH the best thing to do is buy a adapter from CNC Warrior to take the threads down to AR thread pattern which will work on most Suppressors.
  5. We are down to 3 let me know you can PM,email at or call at 804-380-0476
  6. 5 Left then we are going to be out for awhile and the next batch the price sadly will have to go up.
  7. 23 ( no letter) Post samples

    I would be interested in just the Steyr MPI 81 if you decide to break them up.
  8. We have for sale a lot of Israeli Tavor X95 Factory SBR with 1 30rd magazine. These guns are original Israeli police surplus they were machine guns before the receiver was torch cut. They however had a semi auto trigger pack. This is what makes them stand out from a original Tavor. The other features that make this unique compared to US models: The 45 degree safety lever (compared to 90 degree on all the US models) The double charging handles (one reversible charging handle on the US model) The gas cylinder allows for the attachment of a magnifier The integrated optic version is not available in the USA The top rail version is bi-level, whereas flat-top is the only version available in the USA The trigger pack has the auto sear. This could be used by a 07/02 could use it to make a post sample. It's illegal if your not a 07/02!!! Finally, the polymer shell with the X95 MSW engraving, and S/R marked selector (compared to S/F in the USA) which denotes its origin as Israeli police surplus We have 15 with sights and 15 without the original red dot sights. The ones with sights are $1500 and the ones without are $1400. We will take a Business Check,Wire Transfer Or CC with 3% added All Major Credit Cards. ALL NFA RULES Apply!!! Shipping will be $35 dollars.
  9. Okay guys no more hacker problems thankfully!!! We are running out got about 10 more than that's it unless i find more parts.
  10. Yes form 3 submitted if you have any more questions please use the PM.
  11. Fresh batch of 7 ready to go come and get them
  12. Sir i want to apologize my account got hacked on here and we weren't getting a lot of our PM's I had to change my password. Sadly one customer was scammed. You can see me posting in the fraud section about this and on here to warn people. I will gladly send you a magazine. I didn't get your PM>