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  1. Submitted the older form last June and worried about this same thing, but it was approved in February! Keep your fingers crossed.
  2. PSL 54, $2,500

    Romanian PSL in 7.62 x 54R still available! Excellent condition, with ammo. Send your email for pics., BP
  3. PSL 54, $2,500

    Romanian PSL 54, SVD copy, Excellent condition, 5 mags, 2 scopes, bipod, rail topcover, fired less than 50 rounds Send email for pics, serious buyers only. BP
  4. Is it an axe or a hatchet? How long is the handle? Is there a date on the Head? Thanks, BP
  5. Surplus 30.06 M2 BALL Ammo

    Hi Mac PM sent! BPout
  6. Thanks Ryo. I posted this on 1919A4 and got a report on the Cetme as good to go in roller locked guns, but not gas guns or belt feds cause is underpowered. Old post said Famae/ Chile is ok for belt feds, so I intend to test them myself.
  7. Digging through my cave I found a bit of old surplus .308. Famae, from Chile, 7.62 NATO, 1976, green laquer on primers, non-magnetic bullets. I know DSA and others advise against shooting this in FALs etc. How about in my 1919 or other beltfeds? Also some Cetme, Spanish, 7.62mm, 1964, non-magnetic bullets, bright and shiny brass. Before I sell it I'd like to hear some intel. What say the Hive? Thanks for the Boards! BP
  8. Delete what? Do you think this is the wrong place to ask this question?
  9. Are these Jerry cans metal or Plastic? Thanks
  10. PSL 54, $2,500

    Still Available! Will take $2,250 shipped. No Bitcoin! Thanks for the Boards! BP
  11. Second that motion! Lots of great info there. I'm saving mine for my grandkids. Also lots of good info in the old Firepower magazines. Reading it in print is so much better than on the screen! BP
  12. PSL 54, $2,500

    Still Available! Will add sealed can of 440 rounds FMJ for $100. email we.pow1919NOSPAM@gmail.com for pics. BP
  13. Received my parts in excellent shape. Hes the real deal, would buy from him again.
  14. WTB: 500-1000 Linked 7.62x51

    PM sent
  15. WTB: Yugo M49/57 Barrel in 9mm

    Have you checked with Robt Bowman on GB?
  16. WTB Steyr AUG 20" chrome lined barrel

    Ive got a used FA green stock . What are thy going for now? BP
  17. Sent you a PM on the stock and operators manual
  18. Wts: SIG 551A1 both Spf: to Alan & Brian

    Ill be a backup buyer if you need one! BP
  19. WTB BMG 1919 booster reamer

    Thanks Jon! I'm going to try it. BP
  20. Looking for the tool to remove the carbon buildup in my 1919 boosters. have been shooting surplus 8mm and the carbon builds up quickly. Thanks for the Board!, BP
  21. Any recommendations for smith who can latch on AAC quick mount suppressors? Thanks, BP
  22. who can repair AAC SDN-6 ? loose mount

    Need to repair the loose latch! BP
  23. WTB AAC 5/8 X 24 suppressor mts

    Need 5/8 x 24 and 1/2 x 28 models (.308 and 5.56) Thanks!
  24. Need a couple of AAC suppressor mounts, flash hiders or compensators, new or used, let me know what you have, Thanks BP
  25. The answer is hell yes! Florida residents can also send Title one firearms to other Florida residents who are approvable. You can also ship class 3 directly to him.