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  1. Bit of an Introduction

    Hey Trigger: Go with a Rock Island M60 and never look back. The MG42 is best tripod mounted with the operator siting behind it pulling the trigger handle- its good for old guys,- but it shoots 8mm at twice the rate of the 60, the barrels are lighter (heat up quicker) and the bolt receiver lockup is inferior to the 60. The M60 is Man portable, and still in service around the world today. Can be tripod mounted, Jeep pedestal mounted, or fired offhand. Dont have an E6 kit yet, cause the E4 is great. Put a trijicon 6x48 on it and youre good for 400yd. Of course, theres also the predator pack to think about. Just my 2cents.
  2. Hello Sam: Greetings from Florida. How many links do you need? I have quite a few. Exactly which spares and small parts do you need? Let me know and I will see what I have. Is the gun running yet? You need to have a firm mount, as they buck quite a bit at 1200rpm!
  3. Hello: Are you sure the threads are 1/2X28? I will take it if they are normal for .308- 5/8X24?
  4. WTS: Transferrable American 180 $11,999

    Thanks, Any idea of how much this has been fired? round count? Please send a contact number and best time to call to: we.pow1919REMOVETHIS@gmail.com Best for me to call tomorrow after 10am, EST.
  5. WTS: Transferrable American 180 $11,999

    Hello: Who is the manufacturer? Any pics of the recvr markings, bolt, internals? How does it run? On Form 3 or 4? I'll take it based on some more pics. Thanks, BPinFL
  6. Telko XM - 10 - Portuguese Model

    Hello Mr H57: I will pay a fair price for this rifle if you let me know what you think it is, and the gun is in good shape. Particularly, are there any cracks in the lower? The bolt hold open catch walls have been known to be prone to cracks/breakage. Is furniture original? Please send pics of the gun, lower, internals and asking price to: we.pow1919@gmail.com Thanks for the boards Mr. Albert and assoc. BPinFL
  7. Best smith for PPSH41 ?

    Hi SD: Had a reply on Bowers board about bolt contacting the ejector, I think its gone now, but I relieved the ejector and it worked for awhile. Any way, gun ran for about 50 rounds, then stovepipes and empties falling back into receiver. Now I see a crack where it was welded. Still looking for the right Smith.
  8. Best smith for PPSH41 ?

    Thanks Man, turns out I dont need the Smith. With help from another board I figured out the problem and she runs like a champ. Used a dremel to relieve where the bolt was contacting the ejector. I think the trunnion is set a bit too far forward. Thanks for the Boards!
  9. Delete.

    Pardon me, but I think this mount is for a Mk II .303 open bolt gun. I have the same mount on my MKII. My ANM2 wont fit- it has a different trigger setup.
  10. Best smith for PPSH41 ?

    Hi Mongo, thanks for the reply. Do you have his contact info?
  11. Best smith for PPSH41 ?

    Have a transferrable cut/welded PPSH 41 that has never run well. I believe the trunnion in installed out of spec. Who is the guru of PPSH's? Thanks for the Boards!
  12. Info on PAWS ZX5 Sterling

    Have one, it ran fine with certain mags, but didn't like loading the sten mags or the flimsy stock, so had Don's Gun Shop convert it to a "real" sterling. I think the bolt, trigger group,mag well, stock and end cap on the PAWS is different from the Sterling. Like it much better now. loading the sterling mags is a dream. The roller followers are very smooth. The PAWS is not a sterling, more of a stenling. Also had Don convert a sten to a sterling- a mega improvement.
  13. BREN MK II parts

    Looking for Bren Tripod , parts kits, maybe Drum! Thanks, BP
  14. looking for transferable beltfed

    Hello: I have a sear ready HK 21 SA with accs and a DLO 1919 w Acc. in N FL Let me know, BP
  15. WTB Steyr MPI-69 or 81 parts of any sort

    Check out Gunstroker. They have some parts on there now, had a parts kit that sold last week. Good luck!