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  1. I beg everyones pardon, but why convert an M60 to 556 when you can get a Shrike? Covert it to 7.62x39 and you will have something! BP

    It looks to me that hes looking for an HK pack, not AK. Have seen several sell over the years. No idea about how many he made or the going rate. Do know that most of Doug's stuff is first rate! BP
  3. WTB Browning 1918 B A R barrel Marlin-Rockwell

    Did you find a rear sight? I think I have a spare. How much are they going for? BP
  4. Looking for MP41 stock

    Anyone have a decent MP41 stock for sale? Also looking for a bolt, maybe other small parts. Thanks for the Board, Buddy! BP
  5. Hi Rick: I have a complete .22 kit for the BMG 1919. It is a lightweight barrel so it should work in the 1917A1. How much do they go for? I will pull it out tomorrow and take some pics if you're interested. BP
  6. Hi Steve: Did you find a Brit MK II kit? I have a few with mounts. You know they are different from a ANM2, being open bolt, and require ,303 links BP
  7. Hey Aaron: Greetings from Florida! I will take the top cover and butt stock if you want to split it up. Thanks, BP
  8. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    Hi Thumpy: Mike has some good info there, but First of all, Its Not a Reweld because it was never welded in the first place! It's a cut and welded receiver. Regarding the thompson, how many pieces was the receiver in before welding? how do the welds look? how was it refinished? I have a M1A1 cut/ welded by DLO that runs great, and a Bren MkII cut/welded by him that has fired many thousand rounds with no issues. Welding steel is not magic. Aluminum, alloys and cast iron is another matter. I would go for it if the price is right. BP
  9. All you need to do is get a couple of 3,4,or 5 inch add on keymod or mlock rails and put them on your gun. I too suffered your dilemma until I was looking through a box of spares and found the solution! Good Luck! BP
  10. Hello Alan: I'll take the 5 sterling mags for $275 shipped. Is a personal check OK? Thanks, BP
  11. WTB : Marlin 1918 flash hider

    Hi Gordon: I have some BAR flash hiders, but am not sure what the difference is between models. What does the 1918 Marlin flash hider look like? BP
  12. Just get a dremel and do it yourself! plastic is soft and easy to remove, no big deal if you over-cut it. Most important thing is reassembly of the trigger pack. Don't force it. BP
  13. Is the Marlin BAR still available? Any spare parts or accessories ? Thanks,BP
  14. MM12 7.62x39 HK sear host package

    Hello: I am in FL- can you sell FTF? Thanks, BP
  15. Bren 7.92 Inglis Barrel

    Hello: I would pay $350 for it based on its condition. Please let me know if it is available. Thanks, BP