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  1. Nice looking gun, It is open bolt right? Let me know if you need more links. BP
  2. Good sight for Machine gun

    Yes, the Lage .556 upper for the mac is great. I've put several thousand rounds through mine. Its very accurate and I can do single and double taps. But it does have a somewhat light profile barrel. Be careful with the 100 rd drums. My forearm heats up with 30 rd mag dumps. I recommend a trijicon 4x32 for the optic. you can ring steel at 300+ yd. BP
  3. Help Identifying some items

    Last pic is HK 21 feed group. Not sure which variant
  4. Yes, Vito is a stand-up guy. Forget about the Voere, go with an AK22. 30 rd mags and a slower rate of fire. Long Mtn had one a while back.
  5. That's good information! Glad Dan stepped in. I've got a Porty Semi I need to go check the bolt on before I shoot it again. These boards are great! Thanks guys.
  6. current wait times

    Got one back last month. Sent Nov 5 2019, approved May 11 2020. They were slow to mail out Fastest turnaround in quite a while.
  7. Timing is everything! Glad they didn't go to the smelter. Thanks for sharing the story. BP
  8. FN30 parts kit

    Still looking for a new home. offers please! BP
  9. ISO Picatinny rail for 1919A4

    They're out there. TNW used to make some. Check out 1919A4.com and you should be able to find one. An Eotech works OK, maybe a scope for single shots, But the thing jumps around so much on FA that optics are ..... BP
  10. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    Yes Sir, my post was dead serious and really do appreciate your reply. I have had an out of battery case explosion on my 180, but didn't draw any blood. the case deflector is a great idea, or maybe a brass catcher? I've now mounted my 180 on a MG34 tripod and put spade grips on it so I can stand up and shoot. A mag dump will be about a 4" group. Keep up the great stories! These are the good old days. Carry on, BP
  11. Great condition, complete FN30 parts kit, unmolested left side plate, no rt side plate, good barrel. Every part including cams except rt side plate. ready for your Semi or Postie build. Message with email for pics. $2,100 shipped in Con US. BP
  12. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    Yes, for sure! Us young punks need to learn how to not get .22 cases buried in our thighs! or anywhere else
  13. HK21 Semi

    Very Nice, built by Interport,, Delta Ut marked Portugal and HK21 on top of receiver. Has bipod and SEF lower. Sear ready. Spare barrel and ammo belts included. also uses M60 links. Have had this gun for many years, but shot very little. $10,500 shipped. Receiver to your FFL, barrels and parts to you. PM with email for pics. Thanks for the Board! BP
  14. PPSH 41 kits

    Kit with trunnion is sold. Will sell both other kits for $900 shipped, Con US
  15. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    I hold the bolt closed with my thumb on my Amphibian and it is manual action and all you hear is the bullet impact. But it still has 9 more rounds to go! There is a small pop out of the ejection port. Armadillos hate me.