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  1. A true piece of history! TASK slow fire Mac 11 upper built by the man himself who invented them, well before LAGE came up with their design, takes suomi drums, ROF variable with different buffers. Includes upper, drum, bolt, foregrip and buffers. $1,200 shipped. we.pow(NOSPAM)1919@gmail.com
  2. Very nice Semi Bren MK II by Stan at Project Guns in .303 and 7.62X54R, Nice wood, barrels for both calibers, case of Mags. Ammo available at additional cost. Email for pics. we.pow1919(NOSPAM)@gmail.com
  3. US M777 arrive in Ukraine

    Thanks Buddy! Carry On with your posts! Sure glad we'uns aint over there. BP out
  4. AAC suppressor mount problems

    You guys are great! Thanks for all the replys. Will work on it tomorrow, and let you know my progress. Carry On My friends, BP out.
  5. Price reduction bump!
  6. Who can fix or replace my AAC 18 T and 51T suppressors to not come loose during firing? The 18 T comes loose after 4-5 rounds, the 51T after 9-10. would like to have something that positively locks on like a surefire mount. of course would need to replace the muzzle brake/mounts for the new system. Anyone else experience this problem? Thanks for the Boards! BP
  7. Wtk best gunsmith to repair colt anm2

    Yes, ANM2 sideplates are quite thin to save weight on the airplanes they went into. How was yours damaged?
  8. Very Nice Semi Bren built by Stan at Project Guns, in .303 and 7.62x54R. Low round count. Shoots any ammo in .303, ammo sensitive in 7.62x54, Includes both barrels and case of 12 mags. Got a FA, so am selling my SA. Prefer FTF, but will ship receiver to FFL and everything else to buyer. PM email for pics. Price reduced to $6,500 shipped. BP
  9. WTB: MAG-58 feed trays.

    I've got a couple extras, PM me your email and I'll send pics. Guessing you want to use non-disintegrating links.
  10. One last MG thoughts?

    Forget about AK's unless they're 556 or 545. 7.62 x 39 is a handful on a rifle and is best left to beltfeds.! If you want to have fun, get a 1919 or ANM2. These guys that don't like 1919's need to try one. Ammo is cheap compared to gasoline. Sorry for the rant, but thats what I think! BP
  11. Dual mount for M37/ 1919

    Looking for a dual mount for a M37, right hand feed and a 1919 left hand feed to mount on my Jeep .would prefer a large pintel. I know OOW sold them years ago, and they are out there. Doesn't have to be GI. Maybe somebodys building them now? Thanks for the Boards!, BP
  12. One last MG thoughts?

    Hello to all you guys, but HK sears are overrated and too expensive at this time! I would grow up and get a belt fed!. 1919A4 or ANM2. etc, You cam buy a lot of ammo with the price diff. Thats if you like to shoot MGs! Like I do. BP out.
  13. Amphibian made by AWC $875

    That's a great price! Shouldn't cost too much to refinish. I can vouch for this seller. BP
  14. Very Cool- Thanks for sharing! It brings up the question if you know anyone who can properly install a rail on one of my topcovers? Thanks Aaron, BP
  15. Sig Sauer P320 FCU's New in Box

    PM sent.