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  1. Anyone out there suppressed their PKM? I've got a Wiselite semi I'd like to put a can on. Who can make an adapter for my AAC can? What is the thread diameter and pitch? Maybe get an adapter to 5/8X24? Thanks, BP
  2. Hi Aaron: Is just the backpack available from you or other sources? Thanks, BP
  3. Is Lage max 31 full auto only?

    No Worries man! We're all in a difficult place now.Lets keep the faith and carry on. Get out and shoot something! Lets remember that we are one of the smallest minorities out there, C3 holders are few and far between. But, we are still here and doing better every day All the Best, BPinFL .
  4. Is Lage max 31 full auto only?

    Hi Mikey: Bless your heart for correcting me! I think you need to go sit in the corner and and figure out for yourself whats going on. I'm not trying to be harsh. Lage is the best! if someone can't figure it out how there stuff works, then they can go home and leave us alone. you can butt in if you want. BPinFL, living in the free state of Florida thank you.
  5. Is Lage max 31 full auto only?

    The Lage uppers are all full auto. Why did you buy it if you didn't want that? Practice trigger control! BPinFL
  6. Lifespan of an M-11? (First Post)

    Mac 11's are pretty much bullet-proof. I've got aver 5000 rounds of 9mm, .22 and .223 through one. Had to reweld the backplate twice. Definately need the Lage uppers. I put a Max15 on mine last year and put 1500+ rds through it since without a hiccup. 30 rd mag dumps? No problem!
  7. WTB: 8mm front cartridge spacer for 1919

    Will Do Thanks Man
  8. I need a front cartridge spacer for 8mm for my 1919 and ANM2. Maybe they are the same? Thanks for the Board, Buddy! BP
  9. Wts/hk sp5 9mm new

    Hello: Can I put my registered sear pack in this? does it have a FA carrier or will mine fit? Thanks, BP
  10. Hello: Is this a 2 stamp gun? SBR and sear? Has it been remarked MP5K? Is it all original HK? BCG, etc. Thanks, BP
  11. Don't shoot a hole in the boat!

    Looks like you darn cowboys have all the fun! The only thing we have in Florida like them is Armadillos. We shoot em and leave them for the buzzards. You don't touch them cause they're known to carry Leprosy. I use a suppressed 10/22 with thermal. Best night I got six. BPinFL
  12. Bluetooth 50cal can speaker Thodio

    That's pretty cool! Have to get one for my Jeep. Thanks for sharing. BP
  13. VZ-61 PARTS KIT

    Call Jerry at Recon Ordnance, hes got the kit and barrel, but wont sell the 22 kits because they dont work. BP