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  1. Bren 7.92 Inglis Barrel

    Hello: I would pay $350 for it based on its condition. Please let me know if it is available. Thanks, BP
  2. Hk MR5.56 poly mags

    How many is in " bulk"? 20 or 30 rds? pics? BP
  3. 7.62x39 HK 21

    Greetings from Florida. Anyone know if H&K or aftermarket smiths have done this conversion? Maybe using rpd links? Shooting the 21 in .308 last weekend, was reminded how harsh the recoil is. However, my 8" bbl PTR in 7.62x39 is a pleasure to shoot, and ammo is much cheaper. Thanks for the boards! BP
  4. Yes Aaron, any updates on when the boxes will be available? cost? Hey har1690, good on your HK21! probably much lighter package than the 240. BP
  5. AMMO TAX?

    Yes Mike. Have seen them many times in the past. always SC. Got some Garand 30 cal en bloc clips awhile back that had a stamp on each one. This was like 20 years ago. Don't think they still do that. Maybe someone here can enlighten us! Maybe the stamps will be collectibles? BP
  6. How does the feed chute attach to the M240? with a plate similar to the M6O? Any pics of the attachment? Thanks, BP
  7. Hi Aaron: Will this fit my RIA 60? what is the trigger group retention system ? If so, I'll take one. Also, do you still have the M60 stripped railed top covers? Thanks, BP
  8. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    RE the Beretta 38A and 38/44. Have you guys ever shot one? Certainly well built with a very smooth action, but I think they were made for left handed soldiers! The ejection port throws gas in the face of a right-handed shooter. Try a 10 rd burst and see how you like it. Between the gas and the brass in your line of sight, not my favorite. BPinFL
  9. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    I think a C&R Suomi 31 sold at the last Rock Island auction for about $20,000 BP
  10. The MAG 58 topcover will fit on the M240 just fine. I shoot non-disintegrating belts through my DLO M240 all the time. Been working on getting my M60 to run them, almost there, but not yet.
  11. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    Now you're talking about something interesting, a 7.62X39 - M60 running RPD links! Linked .223 is a PIA to clean up after, and I already have a Shrike. Sure hope someone can figure this out. Thanks for the Boards! BP
  12. Semi PKM Builder

    Greetings from Florida! I have a good PKM parts kit and a semi receiver. Who is best smith to build it? Thanks, BP
  13. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    Hi Nick: OK, I'll take 2. send me your address, Thanks, BP we.pow1919atgmail.com
  14. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    Any idea what the country of origin is? any pics of the ammo or cardboard boxes inside can? I am in Jax, FL, 32202- how much would shipping be for 2 cases? Thanks, BP
  15. Hello: Do you have pics of the drum? how many rounds does it hold? Thanks, BPinFL