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  1. WTS -Factory Ruger AC-556F - Price Reduced

    You might want to let your friend know that the adapters are still available used from Numrich. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/498820
  2. Would you send some pics of the Reisings to RAMCincy@hotmail.com? Phone number would be good too! Thanks, Kent
  3. WTS: Reising Model 50 $6000.00

    Can you send some pics? I'm interested and in Ohio.Thanks, Kent. Cosmicmag1380 at G you know the rest!
  4. C&R H&R Reising, M50 w/5 mags

    PM sent Kent
  5. I have the above kit for my Ruger but it does not feed. The Ciener magazine appears to have a bent feed lip but I do not have a reference to go by. Does anyone know if the feed lips on the mag are supposed to be identical opposites or should one side be different in shape from the other. The left side of mine does not curve inward as much as the right side... I appreciate any info and/or pics if you can. Kent
  6. WTS Colt AR-15 Machine Gun

    Do you know who did the conversion? Should be listed on the F-4. Can you post a pic of the conversion maker's stamping(s)? Thanks, Kent
  7. Ruger AC556 Ciener 22LR kit $250

    The Ciener kit works in all 3 modes on an AC556. There is a difference in the op rods depending on the serial number of the gun. Later ACs use a modified op rod. Check Ciener's site for more info. They work best with jacketed HV ammo... Kent
  8. WTB Transferable Machinegun under $5500

    Jim Burgess builds new guns and are in your ballpark. Take a look at his SW76. His page is: http://www.jmbdistribution.com/class3_guns_forsale.htm I bought one as my first NFA some time ago and just love it. Runs like a Timex watch! Kent
  9. WTB: AC556 .22 conversion

    Jonathan A. Ciener shows some available on his website starting around $245. I have an older "Hohrein" that I bought used for about $200 off of Gunbroker. Here's the webpage for Ciener; http://www.22lrconversions.com/mini-pg.htm He doesn't seem to have 30 round mags available all the time. I have read that the Black Dog mags work pretty well but they show out of stock right now too. http://blackdogmachinellc.net/mini14-ac556-mag.aspx HTH, Kent