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  1. I have a gun I am trying to find the matching box If you have an early Glock 19 box with a label that has the serial # as AN5xx, please email me and we can see if the box matches my gun. Will absolutely pay stupid way above any sane reasonable price for this box if you happen to have the right one. Thank you, David
  2. Example would be DN444US or DN555US Thank you

    Are you looking for an original C&R or a transferable Action Arms. Different critters.
  4. Looking for a early style glock 17L box. also looking for a 1986 Glock 17 manual and early paperwork such as warranty card. really, if you have anything early glock, I am probably interested. Thanks
  5. WTB: Colt Sp1 SN: SP05600 to SP08249

    Buddy, yep seen that also, but should clear this up, the carbine was introduced in 1978 according to COLT and the historical letter to match my 1978 Carbine would seem to back that up.
  6. rdias spring

    Back when I had a rdias, I used a bic pen spring and it worked fine. Not sure if it is correct or not, but worth a try.
  7. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    I will be probably the only person to say this, but I wouldn't. I have both. The MP5 is cool and all, but I honestly shoot the Norrell 10 to 1 now that the "newcool" factor of the MP5 has worn off. The MP5 sear will probably go up more in the future (I wouldn't think it would go up past the point it is at, $30000 is insane for one, but I have a poor track record on being right about that as I said the same thing at $5000 and $12000 and $20000 so.......) as it has a versatility the Norrell does not, but the Norrell is the only machinegun that I have sold and then repurchased because I regretted selling it. Norrell will be the last machinegun I sell.
  8. WTB MP40 Sling

    Hey huggy, how does one find said MP40 registry/Alex. I did my best google searching and couldn't find anything?
  9. WTB: Colt SP1 Carbine

    Sir, I have 3 available. I am currently on vacation though, but if you have not gotten one by March 6th, please contact at drheinke@gmail.com. One is near mint, two are more used, but still a solid 95% David
  10. Looking for any AR-180 parts, magazines or scopes, pretty much whatever. But am specifically looking for a excellent to mint condition AR-180 Howa production 20rd magazine. I have a NIB Howa AR-180 missing one of the 2 magazines it came with and I would like to complete the set. Floorplate will look like the one pictured. Please contact to drheinke@gmail.com
  11. WTB: NOS/NIW M16/M16A1 Triangle Hand Guards

    Message sent in regards to NIW M16a1 left and right handguards
  12. WTB: SP1 Colt carbine

    please contact at earlybird196@gmail.com if you have one you would be willing to part with.
  13. Looking for either 1st or 2nd pattern, in very good to minty condition, $400 to $650 range dependent upon said condition Thanks
  14. value of original steyr aug 24" LMG barrel with bipod

    Sold one early this year on gbroker. Got close to $1700 for mine and although the round counter thing was broken on mine, it had been used for I am guessing 2000 to 3000 rounds. That good of shape, it would probably get close to $1800 pretty easy. But as everyone knows, auctions are funny.
  15. WTS: MG42

    again, yup
  16. WTS: MG42

  17. WTS mint condition pre 1968 transferable UZI

    Heck I can even answer that. Because they are scarcer than hens teeth. I had one 10 years ago that I sold and it sold back then for $18,000. Is $40,000 to high. Who knows. There is nothing to compare against. If it is, no one will buy it, it it isn't it will sell. That simple
  18. WTS: Colt 1921 Thompson Transferable

    Message sent. David
  19. WTK dagger questions answered thanks

    Sorry, it is not. If you would like more details on how I can tell, email me at drheinke@gmail.com. But 100% guarantee it is not original.