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  1. Looking for early Colt / Armalite AR15 / M16 parts, of primary interest are 601 / Model 01 parts.
  2. WTB: Early Colt AR15 Parts

    Hello, You have some nice items available! I'm interested in the below items, how much were you asking? Original Colt / Armalite Bipod Waffle mags Jason Hilliker hillikja@peoplepc.com
  3. I'll take it, if its still available
  4. I'll take it per our e-mail agreement
  5. Will you take $400 shipped to Missouri 63010?
  6. Colt DOE 9mm Barrel

    Looking for a Colt DOE 9mm barrel, also interested in upper receivers, front site parts, etc.
  7. If you accept Paypal, I'll take the Colt DOE 9mm upper
  8. WTB: Early Colt AR15 Parts

    Looking for late 50s - early 60s Colt / Armalite parts, interested in Colt Model 601 barrel with original cast FSB and 601 / 602 upper receivers, etc.
  9. Early Colt / Armalite Parts

    I'm interested in early Colt / Armalite parts such as 601 barrels and uppers
  10. Early Colt / Armalite Parts

    Looking for original Colt / Armalite 1/14 twist barrel with original FSB and original finish 601 / 602 upper receiver, might be interested in other 601 / 602 parts
  11. Looking for an early Colt / Armalite barrel (1/14 or 1/12 twist) with original cast FSB Also interested in original finish 601/602 uppers and early "many circles" mag release assemblies or buttons