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  1. AR R.R. large pin trigger question

    M60joe has converted two SP1 large pins to small pin for me and my customers. He is quick, professional and his work is top notch. Could not recommend him any higher!
  2. WTS: MK760 SMG $5,300

  3. mac10 9mm w/lage upper

    Is this still available? Do you have additional pictures? Have any of the internals been replaced with Lage as I noticed the external safety is Lage? Thanks!
  4. Giovanni- THANKS for this clarification!!! I was under the impression based on David's comments above that Alpha Numeric characters were the only option so I did not consider an asterisk as a valid character. This appears to resolve my concern with the search functionality. Thanks again, -Todd
  5. David- Thanks for the reply. That info makes sense, but it also appears to creates a potential gap in the search capabilities. Many items listed are commonly referred to with 3 characters that, based on your explanation, can no longer be identified via the search function. For instance, M10, M11, MAC, MP5, UZI, M60, 249, M16, SP1, SBR, SBS, AOW, SWD, M50, DLO, STG are but a few that are commonly searched for in the NFA Forum. Will those posing be instructed to use new key words that are 4+ characters so they can be searched, if so, will those items be standardized to make things easier for those browsing the forums? For instance, instead of M10 use MAC10 or instead of MP5 use HKMP5. This would work in some instances, but not all. I apologize for all the questions, but I'm new and am trying to figure out how to effectively buy and sell in the new format. Thanks again!
  6. WTS-Stemple STG-U9 with suppressor $7,500

    Does this come with the stick mag, case, and tools?
  7. I've tried several searches and received no results. Is there a trick to searching now? For instance, If I search in the NFA Market Board for 'AC556' I get several results. However if I search for 'M11' or 'M11/9' I get zero results. Both of those search terms are clearly listed in titles on the current page I am searching, I just can't get the search engine to display those results. Any tips for a newbie trying to figure things out?
  8. Transerable Jap Type 99 LMG w/ 7.62x39 Conversion

    Email sent for pictures.
  9. WTS Rock River Arms 9MM AR15 SBR

    Thanks. I have a customer who was looking for one. I've reached out to him to check interest. I'll keep you posted!
  10. WTS Rock River Arms 9MM AR15 SBR

    Is this on a Form 3 or Form 4?