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  1. Hello, Would anyone know of a person who specializes in repair of Doppeltrommel Magazines? I have several that are in need of repair and my MG15 machine gun is hungry. Thanks, Andy
  2. Looking for a bipod and a belt loader for my MG08/15. Please contact me with price if you have one to sell. Thanks, Andy
  3. This is on a form 3. Form 3s are running quick these days. I heard from another dealer that they got some back in 24hrs. Pics located here:
  4. WTN Value on Early Armalite AR 180 Magazine

    How about current cost for AR10 waffle mags?
  5. Hey David,

    I just signed up to sell online.  I didn't realize that I should have signed up as a commercial user and signed up as an individual.  Can I sign up as commercial and get credited for my individual payment?  I just did this today.  Thanks Andy

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    2. AndrewsArmoryllc


      Will do thanks, Andy

    3. David Albert

      David Albert

      I just processed the refund for the personal account.  Thanks! -David

    4. AndrewsArmoryllc


      It went through.  Thanks David.

  6. Pre-sample HK53 A2 in 5.56mm. Beautiful weapon for the interested buyer straight from the inventory of Reed Knight himself. Comes with a double push pin lower (obviously), a 0-1-25 original trigger pack. Like new condition.
  7. WTS: Norrell M2 RR - $15K Bitcoin

    This is a conversion kit for the M1 to M2 Carbine. The trigger housing was originally produced during WWII by the National Postal Meter Company and stamped "N 16" on the left rear side. It was registered by John Norrell Arms and is now marked with "J.N.A.I. 111685/JACKSONVILLE. ARK." It does include the various internal components made by various manufacturers along with the selector switch, disconnector block, spring and plunger and one disconnector lever. This lot includes the following additional parts: seven (7) spare M1/M2 carbine bolts, 4 by Underwood(3-round 1-flat), 2 round Inland and 1 marked "AOB". All the bolts are complete with firing pins, extractors and springs. This lot also includes an extra disconnector block, spring and plunger and one spare disconnector lever and one recoil spring.
  8. ********Sold pending funds***********BATF registered, Transferable on form 3, fully automatic Ruger 10-22 trigger group and bolt assembly. This was converted and registered by John Norrell Arms and is so marked on the left side with: "NORRELL ARM/JACKSONVILLE, AR./51886". The serial number is marked in two places. The bolt is complete with its firing pin and extractor and hammer strut and spring. Price $20K + shipping and freight.
  9. Registered AUTO-SEAR for the AR15 rifle. The top of the block is stamped: "204 (the registered serial number)/B.W. & SONS/ WINSTEAD CT." Item is on a form III in Little Rock, AR
  10. List of FFLs Willing to Transfer Title 1 Firearms

    Andrews Armory LLC 11904 Kanis Drive, Suite H3 Little Rock, AR 72211 501-590-8716 FFL 07/SOT2 will do any type of transfer. 4473 $10 - form 4's $75