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  1. Lots of 1919A4/A6 parts

    Looks like the feed pawl is for a 30cal so I'm out and its available. Eric
  2. Lots of 1919A4/A6 parts

    If the feed pawl and arm are for a 308 I'll take them. Just let me know. Thanks, Eric
  3. SPF Sterling MK2 $9500 PICS added info updated

    So you're saying its not a C&R then? Shouldn't it also be marked with manufacturer's info? What tells you it's a sten tube? Thanks, E
  4. I'll take the barrel. PM Inbound E
  5. WTS Lage Max31k (BNIB) and accessories

    This Lage upper converts an M11a1 380 to 9mm, correct? E