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  1. Hello, I am a FFL 07/SOT in Texas. I am interested in your SOT services regarding the MPX.
  2. WTB Post Sample MGs (updated)

    I have a Post'86 HK G3A2 from West Germany and HK53A2 with surefire forearm (flashlight) available... all factory guns. Ray
  3. WTS: M60e3 Assault Boxes Capco - Pics

    Aaron, Do you have anymore of these ammo boxes? Ray
  4. I am interested if you still have it... does it have the original barrel? Ray
  5. WTB: Pre & Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    Hello, I am a FFL/SOT in La Vernia,TX. I am looking to sell a post'86 M53 Yugo Zastava in 8mm along with the 7.62 NATO conversion kit, links, drums, linkers; RPD conversion 7.62x39mm along with extra drums and links; Galil SAR 5.56mm conversion with some extra mags... All are on Form 3's and require LE letter. Ray
  6. WTB: Dealer Sample Machine Guns & PD Trade Ins

    Josh, I am thinking about selling a Post'86 M53 Yugo Zastava in 8mm with two barrels and the 7.62 NATO barrel/conversion with the links and linkers.... any idea if anyone would be interested? It will require the LE letter. Ray
  7. Do you still have the top cover parts for sale? Also are they for the M13 links or the DM1 non-disintegrating links?
  8. SOLD: Zastava M53 Dealer Post Sample $3500

    I would like to purchase it. I can send over my SOT. How would you like to be paid? Ray
  9. WTS: Post Sample Build Services

    Class 2 SOT in MD... can you do a Swedish K M45 kit?
  10. SOLD: Zastava M53 Dealer Post Sample $3500

    Do you still have this? Class 2 SOT in MD.