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  1. RPB M11A1 380 MAGAZINES

    Sent PM for the small steel mag
  2. WTB: vz61 cut receiver pieces

    Still looking for these...
  3. WTB: vz61 cut receiver pieces

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some vz61 receivers to do a re-weld. Please let me know what you've got. Thank you!
  4. WTB: Pedersen Device accessories!

    Hello, I'm looking for any parts or accessories for the Pedersen Device. Magazines, pouches, ammunition, or anything else you may have. Thank you!
  5. The TOP barrel in the pics is SOLD!
  6. Hello, For sale I have three (3) MG34 barrels. All three are in nice condition with very nice bores. I'm asking $175 shipped o.b.o. EACH. If you are in PA or Eastern OH I we may be able to arrange a FTF sale. Please note that the first two photos are more accurate representations of what these barrels look like in person. The second two photos have had some adjustments made to try to make the markings more visible. Trade items being sought: Swedish K parts or tubes, semi STEN conversion parts, TNW Suomi, or other SMG items. Thanks for looking! EDIT: Edited to add "each" to the price. I copied the post from another forum I use and had lowered the price for this forum. In changing the price language I may not have made it clear that the pricing was for each bbl. EDIT: Top barrel, 4631, is SOLD.
  7. Folke, will you be at Knob Creek?
  8. Are the loaders coffin mag-specific, or is it the same one that loads the normal 36rd sticks?
  9. WTS: (1) Choate SP89/MP5k tactical/adjustable folding stock. Used, but in perfect condition. I'm asking $125 shipped, obo. This stock is $158.78 shipped from "the big HK suppliers."