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  1. Hi Sturmgewehr members ! As the title says, I would like to buy the front sight for the M240L, and the gas block, either the adjustable type, or the non adjustable . Payment with paypal Regards Johan
  2. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Hello Mike ! Wanted to check if you have been able to make the measurements ? Regards Johan
  3. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Mike : Thank you very much for all your help ! The measurements will be of good help to, as I can get help here in Sweden in making a barrel replica that way with the measurements. And again, thanks for all the help !
  4. M240L barrel dimensions question

    I have now checked, and on the 240B barrel I have, most of the barrel is 1:1 scale to the real one. The only part I believe is a little different should be the bore diamter for the 7.62 bullet, as I would need it to be 9.97 mm. Regards Johan
  5. M240L barrel dimensions question

    1 barrel, short type lima, would be perfect ! Depending on the cost, maybe 2. I am gonna find out some measurements, that may be a little different to the real barrel, to make it fit into my display m240 reciever, it may, or may not be different, so please dont start doing any work until that is checked Regards Johan
  6. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Mike : 1 or 2 barrels would be all that I need. Yes no way it would be made on a manual machine, if they take that price for just a muzzle thread ! But I wouldnt be surprised if the total cost for 1 barrel would be around 300 usd, and I am ok with that ! As I would prefered it of being made of some sort of steel, as you described. Both that it feel and look more realistic !
  7. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Mike : Yes I understand your point ! Used parts would not be a problem, as long as they are not totaly damaged on rusty, normal sign of use is more than good. Yes you have your restrictions in the states aswell, but I have bought parts from the states before, so parts such as front sights and gas block is okay to my knowledge ! I don`t want to get you into any trouble if you are unsure of what parts is okay to ship. Rather safe than sorry ! Another question, would you, or know anyone, that could be able to make a replica of the Lima barrel, just the barrel, and I would be able to mount the parts later myself ? As I think a replica part is legal to import here in Sweden, as it can not be fired, or being built for real fire arm use. And of course I would pay for your services ! Regards Johan
  8. M240L barrel dimensions question

    I know that the parts I can not import are barrels, recievers and bolts, all other parts are legal to import into Sweden. I am mostly after gas block, flash hider, carry handle, front sight etc, so no sensitive parts. Nice ! Have you test fired them yet ? The m240 does look gorgeous in the Lima short barrel configuration. No never heard of them before, but after a quick read on the internet I now have an idea of them. Nice to have them as guests ! Must have been a nice visit for them, and sure they got to fire some nice guns to
  9. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Mike: That is mighty impressive ! And the MG42, that a gun I realy would love to test fire ! And it is also one of the most beautiful made machine guns, looks that kill Yes that was a realy detailed answer. If I ever travel to USA I would love to visit Texas and the awesome fire ranges you guys got there. May I ask, if it is possible to buy parts from you aswell ? And how is your m240, happy with it ? It realy is a thing of beauty Regards Johan
  10. M240L barrel dimensions question

    I realy started to like these guns when I was in the army 12 years ago, had the Fn MAG back then, and just loved it ! Amazing shooting experience ! And a very nice weapon in terms of looks ! Also enjoyed the fn minimi ! A very compact and nice looking lmg ! What other nice guns/ lmgs do you got in your collection ?
  11. M240L barrel dimensions question

    Oh how I envy you guys in the states, that can legaly own all these beautiful weapons ! Thank you for wanting to help me ! Really happy for your reply ! Kind regards Johan
  12. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone here with a m240L short type barrel, could help me with some measurements. I plan on making an display replica, hence I am interested in the measurements. I would like to know if the barrel is the same from the rear of the barrel to the front end of the gasblock, as a standard m240B barrel. And the dimension around the barrel between the gasblock and front sight, it seems smaller on the Lima barrel. And the lenght from the front end of the gasblock, all the way to the tip of the flashhider If I were unclear please let me know so that I can be more precise. Kind regards
  13. Thanks for the answer. To make things perhaps a little easier : The replica`s that I am able to collect are airsoft versions, some of them are very well made and very nice for display. So it would bassicly be a modified airsoft replica, which are legal to ship to most countries in the world.
  14. Hello everyone I am an collector of replica m249/m240 and other lmg weapons, and want them to look as real as possible, with custom made steel barrels, real stocks and bipods and so on. So I`m searching for someone that is a collector of the real versions, dont matter if its deactivated guns or functional, and that could custom make some decorative parts on some of my replicas, that has acces to a worksshop, or know someone that does. Its all non sensitive parts that I would like help with, barrels would be made so that they can not function with the real guns. I can buy real gasblocks, flashhiders, front sights and so on, and they are legal to ship to Sweden. Have a nice day !
  15. WTB MK43 parts

    Hi ! I would like to buy some parts for the MK43, - carry handle - Railed hand guard - top cover - bipod You must be able to ship to Sweden. Regards !