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  1. Thanks for the answer. To make things perhaps a little easier : The replica`s that I am able to collect are airsoft versions, some of them are very well made and very nice for display. So it would bassicly be a modified airsoft replica, which are legal to ship to most countries in the world.
  2. Hello everyone I am an collector of replica m249/m240 and other lmg weapons, and want them to look as real as possible, with custom made steel barrels, real stocks and bipods and so on. So I`m searching for someone that is a collector of the real versions, dont matter if its deactivated guns or functional, and that could custom make some decorative parts on some of my replicas, that has acces to a worksshop, or know someone that does. Its all non sensitive parts that I would like help with, barrels would be made so that they can not function with the real guns. I can buy real gasblocks, flashhiders, front sights and so on, and they are legal to ship to Sweden. Have a nice day !
  3. WTB MK43 parts

    Hi ! I would like to buy some parts for the MK43, - carry handle - Railed hand guard - top cover - bipod You must be able to ship to Sweden. Regards !
  4. WTB m240 parts

    Hi ! I would like to buy some parts for an m240. The parts I am interested in is : Bipod Complete stock Barrel heat shield Carry handle If you got any of these items and want to sell, please let me know. And since I live in Sweden, you must be able to ship outside of the US. Regards !
  5. Hi ! I am interested in a few m240 parts, such as bipod, heat shield, and a complete m240 stock. So my question is if you ship to Sweden ? Regards