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  1. WTS: FNC Parts

    I'll take the recoil plate. Part received 3/19, thanks.
  2. REDUCED* Transferable UZI 9mm $9700

    No, it's a 9mm. The receiver was brand new and imported during the ban (never assembled into a weapon), so I bought it for use with this 9mm bolt.
  3. REDUCED* Transferable UZI 9mm $9700

  4. REDUCED* Transferable UZI 9mm $9700

    This is a transferable, full size 9mm UZI submachinegun with a registered BG Machine bolt in an IMI host receiver. I'm asking $9700 and I'll pay the first $200 transfer fee. The bolt is not married to the host receiver and can be moved as needed. It is in very good condition and runs well. It is currently registered in Missouri on a form 4 and can transfer directly to a Missouri resident, or to your class three dealer in any state. I will accept a 50/50 payment (half up front, balance due when the transfer clears). I am not really interested in trades right now. I am selling this because I have two UZI's and am looking to downsize my collection. The videos below are of this actual weapon. The mag dump was with a 3/4" buffer installed to increase the rate of fire to around 750rpm.
  5. WTB Fightlite/Shrike barrel

    Found one, thanks.
  6. WTB Fightlite/Shrike barrel

    I'm looking for an extra barrel for my Fightlite MCR upper. I'd prefer new or lightly used and 12.5" length, but if you have one you'd like to part with, let me know what you have and what you want for it.
  7. WTS New take off stripped flat top upper - Item is sold

    I'll take it. Email sent.
  8. WTS: Soumi drums $30, 4@$100 or 6@140

    Paypal payment sent for 6 Soumi drums. Thank you, Scott Johnston
  9. WTS: Ceiner .22 kit full auto parts

    SOLD, pending funds, to Philasteen. These are original Ceiner brand parts needed to make your .22lr AR15 adaptor kit full auto with your M16. I'm asking $40 per set (one trip and one weight) shipped to the lower forty eight states, or $75 shipped for both sets. I can take discreet Paypal or postal money orders for payment.
  10. SOLD, thanks. These are high quality MKE brand parts. The 10 round magazine has relief cuts for their AT94 rifle, but will fit and feed perfectly in any MP5 clone. I'm asking $30 shipped for both parts and can take discreet Paypal or postal money orders as payment.
  11. SOLD-MP5 magazines

    SOLD-- six ATI MP5 magazines. Some have minor insertion marks, but all are unfired. I'm asking $90 shipped to the lower 48 states for the lot and can take discreet Paypal or postal money orders for payment.