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  1. WTB: Swedish K

    Found One Thanks
  2. WTB: M63 tripod for M2HB

    Looking for M2HB M63 Tripod located in Florida or can pickup at Knobb Creek.
  3. Free Suppressors for Transfer

    nevermind on form 4s
  4. Did the price go up on these? Wanted to place an order for some springs.
  5. Nothing new on Subguns

    Are they moving all ads to
  6. That is definitely very nice. For that price you could order a TL rated safe as well and I'll let the safe guys debate which is better. I had a hard time finding commercial safe guys that would deliver to a residence. I ordered from ce safes in Miami. Since they delivered. make url for image
  7. Did you get the Ar500 liner?
  8. WTB: Sten

    Found one
  9. My 2nd order arrived! Thanks!
  10. Suomi M31 Parts kit with Horizontal cut receiver Selling unopened parts kit. No magazines $135 Shipped in continental US Paypal gift or USPS MO or personal check with time to clear. image post
  11. WTB MAC 11/9

    Call John at he has a few coming in soon. And sign up for Midwest Tactical email list.
  12. WTS: M-11/9

    Call the phone number. If you wait for email it will probably be sold already.
  13. WTB - MAC 11/9

  14. WTB - MAC 11/9

    John at NFA sales just posted a m11 for $6950.