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  1. Tell a friend!
  2. BTT. Rest in peace, photobucket. Working on an album, meanwhile email for pics
  3. June bump. A handful of units left, I can direct you to some minty SVD handguards if you need one
  4. Still available, customer pics coming in look great!
  5. Still some left gents
  6. Weekend bump!
  7. Still have some left fellas
  8. BTT keep the customer pics coming!
  9. Still available!
  10. About 20% of these are sold, when they're gone, they're gone!
  11. **ALL SOLD, ALL GONE, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PICKED ONE UP! I have a limited edition run of custom adapters/brackets that let you put genuine SVD Dragunov handguards on your PSL rifle. -Aluminum, made in USA -anodized black -integral sling hook -machine screw included -free shipping -designed for real SVD handguards BUT Airsoft will work (may require additional shimming- the front tab is pretty small) $139.99 shipped to your door. Take off $10 if you purchase two sets. I have some SVD handguards available, PM me for info. *** USPS MONEY ORDER ONLY AT THIS TIME. PM me after posting "I'll take it" or "I'll take a complete set" all other questions PM ONLY I have an installation guide that shows you how to: -modify your gas tube with a bench grinder or angle grinder -dremel out some of the "meat" on the inside of the handguard. If you own any AK type weapon, you should already own a dremel tool -remove original handguard retainer (this rifle isn't mine, I don't even own a PSL) - drill correct hole in SVD front tabs. Guys I don't even change my own oil and I did this... several times already! [/COLOR][/I]
  12. Everything you see in this picture for $80 shipped what an insane deal! Want this gone ***CROSS POSTED supajc AT hotmail -Thread protector, unsure of thread pitch - (2) sets of NOS/NIB barrel wrenches (2 pieces per set) to remove barrels from all of the Mac series of weapons, .380, 9mm, .45 acp. The threads should be 5/8x11, 3/4x10, 7/8x9, plus a 1/2 x 28. - MINT mint manual with intact registration card (not in picture) -New cleaning rod .380 ca -Semi auto hammer -Hi Rise cocking handle w/1 spring & 1 roll pin, NOS -Scope mount with single 1" scope ring. Unsure how it mounts. Looks like side rail gets mounted to receiver then mount slides on; can't find anything like it online. -(2) Semi-auto firing pins, NOS -another Hi-rise charging handle, this baggy has 2 roll pins and a spring -bag with 1piece ball bearing receiver pin, trigger pin, recoil rod pin, and another I can't ID - (2) OEM Cobray marked 10 round magazines .380 like new, and 3 mag pouches. They'd be great for a lot of single stack mags as well (1911) - (2) fake suppressors/BBL extensions. They are different thread pitches, I think the vented one is for .380 but can't be sure. Foam on other one has indentations from storage
  13. 1 each of original .32acp mags for the Beretta 1935 (has pinky finger rest) and 1915 (flat baseplate) Stored improperly by original owner for decades, they had a lot of rust that I removed with dremel wire brush as best I could. I stripped them, hit them with brake cleaner, scrubbed with simple green, and coated with slick 2000 oil. The appear fully functional, strong little springs on these guys! Asking $55 shipped each OBO Cross-posted over at Same username as here,,