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  1. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Lol dammit. Ive never heard of a pre-94 PS90 but I’m very interested to learn more.
  2. Ruger MKII machine pistol

    Same here
  3. WTS:HK MP5A2 Post Sample w/Accessories

    I'd like to buy just the can so if anyone wants the gun but not the can let me know.
  4. S&H fnc sear for sale

    what else are you selling?
  5. MAC10s For Sale (2 Available) $5800/$6500

    both on form 4s? in AL?
  6. Scam!! Kassie Vicain

    it's not that they don't care as the effort put in and the low chances of a conviction make them not look into it. these cases are hard to make and take a lot of resources/effort since it goes across state lines and multiple jurisdictions. if the scammer was all done in state it would be much easier for them to be arrested and hopefully convicted. that's good you had local PD check on it.
  7. Scam!! Kassie Vicain

    hahaah yea I got one of those too, after I had been emailing back and fourth with "her" for a few says acting like I was interested in buying from her. who ever they are they have an account here and watch the forum non stop, I think they get our emails from seeing what our profile has on it. she emailed me after I made a post saying only "im sent" about a Sig suppressor that I had already paid for and talked with the seller on the phone.
  8. Scam!! Kassie Vicain

    ask for an ffl from the scammer if you can, after getting it look them up and give a call. I did that with "cassie" and the FFL had no idea someone was using his FFL and thanked me.
  9. Potential Scam Accounts

    I'm getting emails from that Kassie Vicain person in horribly broken English asking if I want to buy 5 LMT 203s for $700 each. I am guessing they saw me post here and then got my email some how, is it seen if you are a member? the email went into my spam folder, I am currently emailing back with them saying I want them all and asking dumb questions is "her" email this kassie person is active on the forum here and is using someone's FFL from CO (Targets & tuners LLC), I contacted the FFL/SOT and he has no idea who this person is and wasn't even sure how they got it as he doesn't just hand it out. shortly after this post kassie emailed me what I posted here and has stopped talking to me.
  10. MINE!!! I will take it. Email sent
  11. WTS: Transferrable NFA Items (MGs, Cans, Sets)

    whets the XM-177 going for?
  12. A take on the ATFs leaked white page memo.

    it would make common guns drop like M-16s and AK-47s, however WW2 bring back and nam bring backs will still command a premium.
  13. WTS: No Letter Post M60D Price Lowered $9,100

    So....... is this seller a scammer or legit? I am interested in a few of his guns.
  14. WTS: FNCs with S&H sear

    so, the registered sear is $11,200 alone? if I want it in a gun add about 3,000?
  15. the HPA aside what do you all see happening in the next 4+ years pertaining to guns and related items? import bans being lifted? Russian ammo and guns? cheap parts kits with intact barrels? also what are the current import restrictions pertaining to ammo and parts kits, are they POTUS lever orders/laws or just the ATF getting pissy and making things up as they go along?