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  1. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    Pleased to the announce the gun has been SOLD! Moderators, please mark it as such, and feel free to leave the images up for reference. I really appreciate all the interest, PMs, offers, and positive comments that have been made. You are a great community! Congratulations to the new owner! Mark
  2. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

  3. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    Why settle for second best. Collector's Dream still available!
  4. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    Still Available. Will toss in 1000 Rounds of linked 7.62 ( some 4/1), and a Box of Spare Links.
  5. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    I should have posted the Form 4. Sorry, here it is.
  6. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    Thanks for the replies so far. I should have stated in my original post that I am not open to trades. I am 'thinning out' the collection.
  7. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    I am offering a Pre-86 SACO DEFENSE SYSTEM MaREMONT M60 Machine Gun. Located in Virginia. Presently registered with BATF on a Form 4, fully transferable. The gun has been owned since 1987, stored in a vault, and never fired. Condition is mint, factory new, no blemishes or defects. Comes with an M122 Tripod, T&E, unfired Spare Barrel, Blank Firing Adaptor, Mitt, Factory sealed Accessory Bag with Sling and Wrench, Cleaning Kit, and Carrying Bag. Need I say, a very collectable and desirable addition to your collection! 'Virgin' SACOs don't pop up too often. If transferred to an 'Individual', I will pay the first Transfer Tax to your Dealer. If sold and transferred to a Dealer, tax to be paid by Transferee. Will split FedEx Shipping Costs and Insurance. Price - $50,000. Payment by Personal or Business Check. Your Local, State, and Federal Laws apply. If interested, send me a PM. Mark Let the pictures do the talking:
  8. Upgrading Membership Level

    I think I answered my own question. Hit the 'paperclip' icon, and post from an external site. Or , just 'copy' the image, and 'paste'.
  9. Hello All, I am new to the Site. I just registered yesterday. My beginning membership level is a Seaman. My question is, how can I raise my level, so as to be able to post images? If I want to sell a gun, I may have a dozen images, for example. Great Site, And Thanks
  10. Wanted: New M60

    PM sent.
  11. Welcome to the New Forums!

    New to site. A welcome addition to the hobby. Some very well educated people here.
  12. WTB M60 transferable

    I sent you a PM. I have a Fully transferable Maremont SACO M60. Never fired. Basically new. With Tripod, T&E, Spare Barrel, Mitt and Bag. All legit, and in VA.