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  1. WTS Heckler Koch HK MP5 SD 9mm Pre May Sample

    Great guy to deal with!
  2. WTB Surefire SOCOM 6.8 Suppressor These are discontinued so looking for “Old New Stock” or used Surefire SOCOM 6.8 Suppressor. Please contact me if you are interested in selling or have a lead for me to chase. Thanks CG
  3. WTS - New MVB ARC PDW Stock for AR-15 Multi Position $325 New, never installed in the box with all parts and paperwork. I can accept anti-gun PayPal (buyer pays fees, friends and family), Visa or MC 3%, Cash, Check or Money Order. This can be picked up during normal business hours in Ft Worth, TX. Shipping is $10 in the USA. This is a multi position collapsible stock for an AR-15 rifle. Works with any existing Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier allowing use with both gas impingement and gas piston systems. Requires only one-handed operation and will lock in the closed, intermediate and extended positions. Supplied with Springs and buffer Length Collapsed: 4 – 7/8″ (from lower receiver buffer extension) Length Extended: 8 – 7/8″ Postion increments: 5 x 1″
  4. WTS - Transferable RDIAS, DIAS, Host and Suppressor

    Good guy to deal with!
  5. WTB - RDIAS / DIAS Sear

    Still Looking!
  6. WTB - RDIAS / DIAS Sear

    Still looking!
  7. WTB - RDIAS / DIAS Sear

    Anyone looking to sell one or more?
  8. WTB - RDIAS / DIAS Sear

    I want to buy (WTB) a "reasonably priced" steel or aluminum RDIAS or DIAS (whatever you would like to call it) Sear. I would prefer a steel, but aluminum is acceptable. I am a private collector located in Texas. I have cash and ready to make the transaction quick with proper verification from the seller. I have a long history in collecting and can provide references if requested. Please email or call me to discuss if you are interested in selling an individual collector your DIAS. Thanks Curtis Green curtisgreen@greenNOSPMscaping.com *Remove NOSPM 817.577.9299 ext 150