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  1. Beretta 92X Performance Center 9mm pistol LNIB, < 100 rounds, trigger gone over lightly with a ceramic stone for a lighter, smoother, crisper break by, also has 11 degree target crown done. Comes with lockable factory case, all accessories, and paper work. Very accurate, $1149. Email if interested, Bill
  2. HK MP5 A3 stock, in very good condition locks up solid in the retracted and extended positions, rails show paint wear, but works well for a shooter. $489 HK G3 Hensoldt/Wetzler 4x issue scope, factory claw mount and case, very good++ overall, exc optics. This version has the desirable side focus adjustment, many have a fixed focus $589. Email if interested, Bill
  3. WTS B&T APC 9 NIB

    NIB B&T APC9 Gen2, ambi folding cocking handle, tri-lug mount, 1 each 30 round magazine, factory sling, paper work, case and all accessories. $1889. Actual shipping cost to your FFL.
  4. New condition, 4-16X50 Black X1000 rifle scope illuminated reticle, QD mount, very clear sharp optics that rival scopes at twice the price. Got this for a project rifle that didn't happen. $379 + shipping. Email if interested, Bill
  5. WTS early PTR91 GI .308 with original HK wood furniture, PTR bolt head upgraded with an original HK unit, bolt gap .015". Low round count < 300, trigger and recoil buffer upgraded by, 4.75# crisp hammer release, over travel reduced for a quicker trigger reset. 30% less felt recoil via buffer upgrade. Has a HK flash hider style muzzle break, bayonet lug, paddle magazine release, set up tight, no wiggle and grenade launching ring has been added for looks. Has HK clip on port buffer and clipped and pinned metal pistol grip frame and HK leather sling. Nice finish and wood, $1249 + shipping to your FFL. Xfer to Co residents can be arranged. Email if interested, Bill
  6. Beretta 92 Steel I 9mm, NIB comes with case, shipping box, all factory paper work $2489. Sig P220 9mm pistol, comes with factory manual, extra mag, box not original to pistol, but correct era, super crisp trigger pull. $849. AK74 SOLD. Actual shipping to your FFL extra. Xfer to CO residents can be arranged, more pics available. Email if interested, Bill .
  7. PTR MP5K 9mm style pistol, clipped and pinned HK contoured pistol grip frame, trigger work by, low 4# pull, no slack takeup, minimal overtravel for quicker reset. Bolt head is upgraded to a HK MP5F contract unit, much better than stock PTR. Recoil, hammer springs and ejector upgraded with HK units as well. Only has around 200 rounds thru it, very accurate and reliable, sear ready. Comes with factory hard case, paper work..etc. $1449 AK-74 on milled CNC Warrior receiver, like new maybe unfired outside of the factory, very minimal carbon on the piston head. Appears to be a Polish kit to me, might be Yugo? Not an AK variation expert, Tapco trigger group, add $50 for trigger work..90% of the creep removed and be a bit smoother. SOLD Actual shipping to your FFL, can arrange Xfer to CO residents. Email if interested, Bill
  8. Brand new limited run of RCM HK MP5 10mm barrel, tri-lug and 9/16X24 RH thread, cold hammer forged. Was going on a project that didn't happen, $419 + $10 for shipping. Email if interested, Bill
  9. 3 tactical scopes for sale, Moonstrum 3X prism scope, illuminated reticle, new in box, with lens covers, $119. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24, illuminated reticle, exc condition, comes with quick release mount, zoom lever, factory box, paper work $300. Burris XTR II 1-8X, illuminated reticle, with Fast fire red dot and PEPR rail mount, nice condition, exc optics, red dot works very well with aftermarket well fitting dust cover, $579. Email if interested, actual shipping extra. Thanks, Bill
  10. WTS: Galil 556

    I'll buy the MP5SD. Message sent. Bill
  11. Up for sale is a new MAD DOG US made improved MP5 9mm complete drop in bolt head. This unit work on all MP5 9mm variants.This was a HK design that was developed in the 1980's for production MP5 units, but was dropped in favor for the development/production of the UMP series. These are very well made and function well. The weak point on the standard HK bolt head is the extractor spring that needs to be replaced after a few thousand rounds. The MADDOG unit uses an extractor coil spring instead of the straight wire design. I have these install on my various MP5 clones with excellent results, MP5SD, MP5K, Full sized and reverse stretch MP5's. Pics below show a comparison of the MADDOG unit vs a RCM made stock replacement unit. $249, $9 priority mail shipping.
  12. WTS New Z43P pistol, 12.5" barrel. Comes with 3 magazines factory case and paperwork. Has double push pin take down pins, trigger work has been done by Slack takeup eliminated, 4.75#, very crisp break, over travel reduced for faster reset. $2849 + shipping to your FFL. Co resident XFer can be arranged. No trades at this time, only selling to finance other purchases. Email if interested, Bill
  13. WTS Custom built Micro Galil, by Hillbilly Firearms. CNC Warrior milled receiver, original Israeli 1X7 barrel, Easy to SBR or brace. 8 magazines, 3 varying length folding buttstocks, original muzzle break railed and non railed gas tubes, extra hand guard, clamp on cheek rest. trigger work done by $1889. Email if interested, Bill