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  1. I have a pretty nice STG type FAL built on a very good Entreprise G1 receiver - just the receiver is hard to find! Barrel is marked Kal 7.62 and very nice. Lower is STG. Bolt & carrier look like they might be Imbel. Wood is in very good shape as are the Argie handguards. Bipod is nice and works smoothly - as it should, Altogether a very nice STG on a G1 receiver. Asking $1150 plus actual shipping, This will be cross posted. See photos below. If this new price is too high, feel free to make an offer. This rifle looks a lot better in person than in these photos - don't know if it's because of camera flash or what. Thanks
  2. Looking for a reasonable 22 in. M14 GI barrel. Not required to be new - but decent useable shape required, Jim
  3. RPK Century Arms Yugo

    OK, Lamar, how about a trade for a near new S&W 686 no-dash early gun from late 1960's or very early 1970's. It's a 4 inch barrel SS revolver with the original Goncalvo-Alves grips. Thanks Jim
  4. RPK Century Arms Yugo

    Hey, I'm in Marietta also. Do you have any interest in trading the Yugo RPK for a real nice CMP M1 Garand? I like you're rifle but do not have the funds for an outright purchase. Thanks Jim