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  1. WTB: M76 gas tube

    I’m looking for a M76 gas tube with the spring loaded tab with rivet.
  2. WTB:M41 Carcano stock

  3. WTB:M41 Carcano stock

    I’d like to buy a stock for a m41 Carcano rifle. It’s the long stock made in 1941.
  4. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    How you want payment?
  5. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Still have the M2hb kit?
  6. WTB: M2HB kit

    Looking to buy a M2HB kit
  7. WTB: M2HB kit

    Thanks for the reply. Send some pics. Are they TNW parts or H+H?
  8. WTB: M2HB kit

  9. Still have the belt loader?
  10. WTB: M76 demil receiver

  11. WTB: M76 demil receiver

    Looking for a nice cut m76 receiver with workable sections.
  12. I'm looking for Hotchkiss portative receiver chunks and any other parts.
  13. I need a RH semi plate for the 1928 colt in argentine.
  14. Colt M35 Tripod $1750

    I'll take it
  15. WTB: Hotckiss Portative Receiver chunks

    I'm still looking
  16. WTK: Unidentified AA Sight seen this AA sight. What is it?
  17. MG13 parts

    I need MG13 parts as referenced by part number and description. B9A- receiver hold open G15 safety K12 and K13 carry handle nuts and bolts. Need 2 of these B20 - Accelerator need 2 of these
  18. WTB Colt browning 1928 argentine parts

    What do you need?
  19. MG13 parts

  20. MG13 parts

    Sent PM Thanks!