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  1. Still have the belt loader?
  2. WTB: M76 demil receiver

  3. I need a RH semi plate for the 1928 colt in argentine.
  4. Colt M35 Tripod $1750

    I'll take it
  5. WTB: Hotckiss Portative Receiver chunks

    I'm still looking
  6. WTB: M76 demil receiver

    Looking for a nice cut m76 receiver with workable sections.
  7. WTK: Unidentified AA Sight seen this AA sight. What is it?
  8. WTB Colt browning 1928 argentine parts

    What do you need?
  9. MG13 parts

  10. MG13 parts

    Sent PM Thanks!
  11. MG13 parts

    I need MG13 parts as referenced by part number and description. B9A- receiver hold open G15 safety K12 and K13 carry handle nuts and bolts. Need 2 of these B20- Accelerator need 2 of these