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  1. WTB: B&T 308 DMR rifle

    looking for a B&T 308 DMR 18" rifle.
  2. WTB Russian pkm semiauto

    I have a un-issued Hungarian semi PKM built by Neanderthal armory. Its never been fired outside testing. The barrel looks brand new. It has a spare barrel that needs to be fitted and head spaced. It comes with a new un-issued tripod and a drum. Also has two ammo cans and spare parts.
  3. Looking for possibly new not used much 6.8 spc conversion kit for Bushmaster acr. Looking for 16" barrel that comes with bolt and magazine.
  4. Looking for Scalarworks scope mount for 34mm. 1.93' height. 730 model.
  5. I cant find any information on this AA stock. It may be a possible French mitraileuse of some sort. http://
  6. WTB: M76 gas tube

    I’m looking for a M76 gas tube with the spring loaded tab with rivet.
  7. WTB:M41 Carcano stock

  8. WTB:M41 Carcano stock

    I’d like to buy a stock for a m41 Carcano rifle. It’s the long stock made in 1941.
  9. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    How you want payment?
  10. WTS: M2HB 50 cal parts kit

    Still have the M2hb kit?
  11. WTB: M2HB kit

    Thanks for the reply. Send some pics. Are they TNW parts or H+H?
  12. WTB: M2HB kit

  13. WTB: M2HB kit

    Looking to buy a M2HB kit